Coloring books!

Felix likes to keep things simple, and to his taste.

Coloring books!

The road crew finished all their repaving work on our street yesterday. Snickers misses all the trucks. He's just sitting on the window sill flock calling the crew and growl pouting their absence.

We hit a snag in the phonebook acquisitions department around here a few months back. CVS no longer has them for free at the front door of the store. Felix was not impressed with technical books from Microsoft. His explosioning skills were waning from lack of demo work. But, Dad to the rescue with a great idea! Children's coloring books. They offer just the right paper weight and texture for Felix Demolition. To show his approval he's currently shredding and tearing pages out of his tent onto my office floor.

And Butters is so very kind to fly over and send them into the bird room via air mail.

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