A Flock's joy

Together is the key.

A Flock's joy

My greatest joy, the joy that is wrapped in a peaceful gratitude, comes when I just let them be them. Surrounded in the morning in a first floor filled with parrots in their chosen places quietly going about their chosen things. Here is the balance that is the goal in the companion parrot lifestyle.

I can hear Kirby our IRN, in the dining room eating from his secondary bowl. It's on top of the cockatiel aviary where he and his flock of tiels can look out the big window. Butters, our Blue and Gold has taken over Felix's cage and perched inside. She's gruxing quietly. Not ready to eat, but happy to look out the windows that surround her. Snickers is on the very top of our 6 foot java tree preening. Also not ready to eat, but readying for the day. The cockatiels in their aviary are up at first dawn and already napping after a meal of fresh apples and greens with flax and pumpkin seed.

Felix our Grey is to my right, on his Felix tent. His beak tucked under his wing fast asleep. Felix requires beauty naps at strategic times throughout his day.

And me, writing, the sound of a clicking keyboard and a quiet breadth to carry the words to page screen.

It is morning, and we all enter into the day in our own personal way. Together.

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