Musings of the Day

Every day of our lives is a symphony of short stories and even shorter truths.  Musings of the Day is a collection of thoughts brought to life by the very life I live within.  

Some are short storied. Some are almost Haiku. Some are sentences joined together only because the events written about happened inside a symphony that day. But all are an open door for you to walk through so we can connect to each other.

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Life's truth and joy is found in the details.

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An Itch to Scratch

Companion animal rescue and adoption. A nobility in saving a life. A constant itch to scratch. Because who doesn't love finding a heart ready for rescuing!

We almost died!

Jack Crow Knows is my first full work of fiction. Based on a real crow I know. Woven inside the reality that is our house full of companion animals. The part about a talking genius giraffe is fiction, though. Maybe.

Showing 1–6 of 62 results.