Musings of the Day

Every day of our lives is a symphony of short stories and even shorter truths.  Musings of the Day is a collection of thoughts brought to life by the very life I live within.  Some are short storied. Some are almost Haiku. Some are sentences joined together only because the events written about happened inside a symphony that day. But all are an open door for you to walk through so we can connect to each other.
Life's truth and joy is found in the details.

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Bluejays are jerks

Territory for a parrot is not only defined by where they can put their feet, but where they can lay an eye. And some take this visual territory very seriously.

A Flock's joy

Participating in and collaboratively creating your companion lifestyle WITH your parrot is to know the essence of a flock. And discovering a relationship that is found no where else.

Leopard Gecko drama

Companions come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and coverings. Particularly in our home. I feel happier sharing my world with other living beings. Except Palmetto Bugs. I am not happy about them, or their being.

So Very Trained

The best part of companions is that you get to nitz all you want without anyone telling you to get out of their room. Unlike human teenagers.

Showing 1–6 of 49 results.