Parrots and awareness

It's a lifestyle choice. Not a pet choice.

Parrots and awareness

Dogs are eager. Cats are cynical. Horses, superior. Chickens, focused. Rabbits, obstinate. Lizards, willing. Ducks, open. Guinea Pigs, nervous. Savanah Monitors, royal tyrants. Make no mistake this lizard thinks he's Godzilla. Maximus Floridicus Sluriticus taught me much with regards to slavery that I've brought into my companion parrot life. A parrot shares quite a bit with dinosaur lizards.

Filter our companion animals down to a single word to explain their starting point, we've got the answer to all the questions. If dogs are eager, they need projects. If cats are cynical, they need their space until they don't. If chickens are focused, do that which doesn't interrupt their thoughts. If rabbits are obstinate, expect judgment. If lizards are willing, bring worms. If ducks are open, welcome their approach. If guinea pigs are nervous, allow them to acknowledge all things. If monitor lizards are tyrants, feed them with humility. Which is exactly how I handle Felix at lunch.

Parrots are aware. Aware of the finite and infinite. If parrots are aware, then treat them as companions. They'll know if you aren't. They'll know sincere versus insincere. I've filled a website, two books, and 8 years of social media posts. Hundred of thousands of words that if filtered down to one representative would give us, aware.

Filter all these words to four imperatives for living the successful companion parrot lifestyle.
1) Respect.
2) Empathy.
3) Patience.
4) Deference.

Parrots were built for a life of autonomous choices. As a flighted being, awareness serves. As an autonomous being, awareness is served by flight. If something feels wrong, they leave.

We need to respect their natural expectations. In food, freedom, and environment to the best of our ability.
We need to empathize with their status inside a human environment. That their natural expectations may not fit at all.
We need patience to accept living with a parrot is a lifestyle choice. Not a pet choice. For success you will acquiesce.
We must defer to their needs over our own when that need supports their health and happiness.

Companion parrots require a relationship. You'll find this relationship magical. Magic requires a true heart though. So, we need to apply that awareness to ourselves, as well.

There's nothing to compare to a parrot who chooses to light on your shoulder to whisper their truth in your ear. A magic bean offering. Where the magic takes you both, is up to you and your shared awareness.

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