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We've gathered and continue to gather wonderful Companion Parrot Advocates from around the world to write their stories and experiences. These are Advocates who are making a difference by working tirelessly in Advocacy itself, Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary and Avian Veterinarian Care. These stories, and real life experiences are here for you to read, share, learn and apply not only to your own flock, but to your own efforts inside your own companion parrot advocacy.

I hope you'll find ideas and inspiration while reading through these Advocate Articles. Remember, your thoughts and comments are important, they are integral to the success of our prime directive here; To give every parrot, every where, a happy home.

Being part of companion parrot advocacy can be as simple as sharing your stories and experiences here at FlockCall. Join in the conversation with YOUR stories!

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Saying Goodbye to Maggie

We will all say goodbye some day. Death is as much as Life in this world. Companions, parrots, pigeons or any other you choose to love, will challenge us in their health and wellness care. Even at our best we may miss things, or never be given a clue. Saying goodbye is always difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Maggie Pigeon Queen shows this through her passing.

The Why in the Companionship

The Why in any relationship is the key to that relationship's success and growth. A companion parrot is not that different than a child when it comes to discussing approaches to success. Success for our companion is equal to the value of our own success as a human.

Realities of our Parrot Lifestyle

Because humans tend toward impulse and emotion, parrots can often find themselves in a home not quite aware of who they really are and what they really bring with them into that home. It's only by discussing our past inexperienced experiences and applying the truth and learned lessons that we can all become better at giving every parrot a happy home. Mistakes are not the end, but the beginning of improvements.

Home with a Parrot

What's it like to really live with parrots? How does having 8 fully flighted birds in a home work out day to day? Well for me it's like a bit of magic and a whole lot of silly wrapped up in a box.

Parrots Act Like Parrots

Felix is my muse. He is also a Parrot. If I expect Felix to NOT act like a parrot, then I am EXTREMELY confused and wrong. If you are expecting your companion parrot NOT to act like a parrot, then you are setting yourself and your parrot up for failure and frustration.

Showing 1–6 of 7 results.