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We've gathered and continue to gather wonderful Companion Parrot Advocates from around the world to write their stories and experiences. These are Advocates who are making a difference by working tirelessly in Advocacy itself, Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary and Avian Veterinarian Care. These stories, and real life experiences are here for you to read, share, learn and apply not only to your own flock, but to your own efforts inside your own companion parrot advocacy.

I hope you'll find ideas and inspiration while reading through these Advocate Articles. Remember, your thoughts and comments are important, they are integral to the success of our prime directive here; To give every parrot, every where, a happy home.

Being part of companion parrot advocacy can be as simple as sharing your stories and experiences here at FlockCall. Join in the conversation with YOUR stories!

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A lifestyle of truths

Having someone tell you a parrot is loud, messy and expensive is helpful, but it comes as close to explaining a parrot as the word wet explains water. It's deeper and wider than one can imagine, and to sincerely know it is to live it.

The Art of the Molt

Watching a parrot go through a molt yields feathers to collect, and a bit of wonderment. Because watching a feather fall, and it's replacement grow in is literal magic.

A Big Blue Chicken

Falling in love with a companion parrot is not hard. It isn't even work. Falling in love is simply falling for the nuances and traits they bring to us every day. I fell hard for our Butters. I fell right off a cliff.

Showing 1–6 of 252 results.