The Doctor is In

Social Media and online searches can yield alot of opinions about parrot healthcare.  Try asking a simple question about your bird's poop looking funny on Facebook and you'll get a dozen answers with two dozen opinions from your bird is fine, to your bird is about to die.  There is no substitute for an Avian Vet in your parrot's healthcare.  None.  It's important to take your parrot in for yearly wellness checkups and blood panels.  It's important to have a history of health with your vet.  Because no matter an Avian Vet's skill, bringing a sick bird in without a history established makes it harder for that vet to be successful.  Our parrot's are no different than us.  A doctor is important.  We've asked some excellent Vets to present their thoughts and experiences on all things health related here.  Because the internet is not a vet.

There is no substitute for preventative healthcare for a Companion Parrot. Schedule a yearly wellness checkup, and have your parrot grooming done at your Vet's office.