You can Make an Impact

Never doubt the impact of your efforts.

You can Make an Impact

We love when we have the capacity to say “yes” and welcome a parrot in need into our home. Each “yes” takes us on a wild new adventure, a new direction that we never expect. I always wonder what adventure we are missing out on with the calls we can't take, and with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I always wonder about where they may have ended up.

We say “yes” because these broken babies need a safe place to land. They need understanding, love and patience. They need good, nutritional food, socialization, support and enrichment... They not only need someone who can “read” them, they need someone who can connect with them and be in-tune to them as any companion should. And I have been surprised to find out how much we need them, too. They are sweet, feisty, stubborn and funny. They keep us on our toes and teach us lessons that we need to learn to be more successful and live happier lives. They make us laugh daily, and sometimes they make us cry, out of joy and heartbreak — and that is ok, emotions can be life’s greatest enrichments.

Phrases we commonly hear include: “I don’t know how you do it!” or “I always wanted to help parrots in need, but I can’t stand the heartbreak, and then what if I fall in love?” Well, you will fall in love. You will cry for them if they are having a rough time. But you will also learn patience, strength and compassion. With them, you will grow stronger, and they will too. Maybe, you will even learn what love truly means, even if it means loving them so much that you would let them go when they are ready, and if they would be happier in a different setting long term. Even if it means staying by a medically fragile bird’s side during its last days, then, at least you taught them what love is and that not all humans are bad, and you, in turn, have grown as a human being.

You can make an impact. Although you may want to, and even try to, one person cannot save them all, but perhaps all of them can be saved if everyone does their piece and works together.

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