Finally at home

The world is full of rescue opportunities.

Finally at home

In the small country called Estonia in one huge pet shop in Tallinn there lived one lovely creature of nature whose name is Carolyna. She is a blue-fronted amazon parrot who lived in that shop for 3 years.  She became acquainted with me as I visited that shop quite often just to see how she is doing. Her price in shop was 1499 euros and I thought all the time that soon somebody will certainly buy her and soon she will have a good home. I liked her very much, she was really pretty looking bird. As I have at my home 3 African Grey parrots and a few smaller species then emotionally I was not ready to have her because I was scared how my Greys will behave and scared about how can I cope with all the birds in an apartment. Also her price was quite big for our family income. I just kept thinking and hoped she will soon find a home. Always when I was near that shop I feel like a magnet is pulling me to come and see her again and again. Passed 3 years and nobody bought her...

As more time went by, Carolyna became less active to shop visitors. Her feathers went tarnish with gray shadow. Her beak started to peel quite a lot. When I came to see her on 15th of January 2016 and I saw that she is not in good looking condition anymore I realized that I must do something to help her to find a home. I realized that she can not be longer in shop. I talked with marketers and they gave an information about her and said her name is Carolyna. I get touched about her name and how it suits her. I talked about that probably she had a big lack of vitamins and she have no proper care in the shop. There was no daylight only electric lights all days because the shop has no windows in salesroom. Shop workers do not serve fruits and veggies to birds, they give only seed mixes, what they sell. Several times I saw that they gave to eat discounted seeds. There were also no water inside in cage for bath to keep feathers clean. She lived in glass cage with peeled branch and mostly slept when I visited her. Shop workers also said that they would like that Carolyna could find home because shop is not suitable place to live for a parrot. It is a huge pet shop chain and they do not deal with conditions to be more proper for birds.

There is much shortcomings in this business. They have clean cages, drinking water and seeds and that is all that they offer. Estonian Veterinary and Food Department officials who do supervision by law rules in pet keeping conditions in shops usually assess conditions for normal keeping conditions. They are not educated for right parrots maintenance.

On that day I looked at her quite a long time. I remember when I came inside shop I saw her back in front and she was sleeping obliquely a little to one side. I came more near to her and saw how tired she is from drab and long living shop life. She had no exercises, no interesting toys, no interaction with humans. She looked at me slowly and then closed her eyes and turned head into her back and put beak in feathers. For some times she peeked to me but she did not want to communicate. Her eyes looked so empty and she could not imagine that she could have very soon her own home for the first time. Three years is too long a time to believe that miracle can happen in her little life. In all these feelings I went home.

At that time I was absolutely not sure that I could rescue her. It was all about money as I did not have that sum for bird price. Shop manager promised if I will buy her they will do some discount as she really had been there for too long a time. At home for few days I was trying to figure out opportunities how to get that money to buy her. I thought also about taking a loan but because my family home loan and other tax obligations I did not do that. I talked to a friend from Facebook, Claire Henning, who gave me much advice about parrots health and treating once when I needed big help to save my Grey from serious illness. Claire said we must pray and God will provide to me an opportunity and I will find out the way to take Carolyna home. At that second I did not understand her meaning and how it can work. It sounded like unrealistic situation and I could not even think that her words can have so big power. As she prayed very much for my Grey and with her help I saved my Grey´s life I tried to believe her words. I started to pray and wait when God will have a little time for me to provide me the way. I did not believe that. It is also hard to realize the connection between faith and logical intellect. Some hours later I came up with an idea to sell pocket calendars by public post in Facebook and earn that way the money to buy Carolyna out from shop property. That seemed for me a great idea and I quickly contacted Claire to say I want to use her picture about her blue-fronted amazon parrot and I want to fulfill my idea to make pocket calendars to sell.

My husband did not believe that I can earn that way so big a sum and he thought, who will support someone´s wish to buy a parrot? It sounded strange for him. Next day on 19th of January 2016 I did my public post about Carolyna´s life in shop and offered for sale small pocket calendars with Claire´s birdie on calendar picture and wrote on it thankful words for support to bring her into a new life in her new home. These words were written there from all my heart like I knew that it was supposed to be that and is right. For the calendar I asked small price and it was 2.20 euros. After I made public post I feel also big fear as well as I thought that perhaps much people will not understand why I must rescue a bird from a shop. But I was wrong in that thinking… My posts were shared very much and people started to support by making money transfers to my account and marked their home address for me where to send a pocket calendar. I get a lot of messages full of thankful words that I did such a thing for that bird. I did not get any letter with bad messages or suspicious questions. I was really surprised how much people cared about Carolyna and understood my honest wish to help her.

Most of them had also seen Carolyna in shop as well and they knew her situation there. I was really happy about that, how people can join all together to make good deed. It was in Estonian history the first public post to help a parrot and it worked with a great meaning.

I earned money for her price within 23 hours. In the next morning I hurried up to shop and before called there and said that I will come right now after her. They there were surprised too that it happened and Carolyna find home. I came to take her into her new home to start totally new life. I was ready for all unexpected situations, for vet visits, for possible behaviour problems. I also read before about amazon species to try better understand my new bird. I get with her a certificate with gender and health tests which was issued for the name of shop on 4th of September in 2008. There stated that she hatched on 17th of April in 2008. When I saw it I realized that she had lived in shop probably for all her life as after issued certificate she went to the shop property in 2008 and perhaps were before Tallinn in some other shop in other place. That huge pet shop chain often change birds between countries and different towns as they have shops in our neighbor countries as well. We came both at home on 20th of January 2016 in lunch time. Then I removed my bank account from post and expressed to all people that Carolyna came today to her home!

I was unspeakable for a while. Just feel so much gratitude for all help for me which gave me opportunity to help that bird. I am still very thankful for everyone. Later we send with Carolyna all calendars to everyone´s addresses and I wrote by hand a short letter to paper which I included to calendar. There stated: Good deeds can happen only with good people teamwork! And I thanked personally everyone for buying pocket calendar to rescue Carolyna. As Carolyna came home so quickly after I made a public post then later I get messages from people who were so sad that they did not get chance to support us too because I deleted my account after we came home. It was amazing how people care. I suggested to donate for somebody who need help. Money which were left from calendar selling I donated to one small animal park to save little bears. I feel more happy that could give a help from help which people gave me.

As Carolyna´s story ended well and I am very happy for her that she can celebrate her 8th Birthday for the first time in her own home. Here are still many prisoned birds in shops who lives very long there without proper care. I pray for all of them because they do not have anybody behind them. 

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