Parrot Rescue, Sanctuary and Conservation

The wealth of knowledge and experiences runs deep and true inside a parrot rescue.  Here you will find opinion, stories, information and knowledge to better understand companion parrots, as well as the work to be done in rescue itself. We're always on the look out for rescue and sanctuary caregivers who are willing to tell their stories. Knowledge is power.  Learning from those caring, rehabilitating and protecting companion parrots can only make us all stronger in our efforts and in our flock.

Rescue Parrots aren't thrown away misfits. On the contrary, a companion parrot in a rescue is a companion in need of a flock. They find themselves homeless, not defective.

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Dania's Journey

Who knew, a police officer who visited her rescue, would be the police officer who would find a parrot in need at the scene of a car accident. What are the odds? Deb's ripple of rescue advocacy found a companion in the middle of a highway trapped in a car. This is how powerful advocacy can be at times when it is most needed. Never doubt your ripples of advocacy.

Extreme Chop

There's chop, there's gourmet chop, and then there's extreme chop.

This personal recipe straight out of Hurlin's Parrot Rescue's kitchen will deliver taste and nutrition every time.

What rescue really means

Words are powerful. They can steer us into the best of choices and understanding, or they can destroy a conversation and a goal. Mindfully choosing and rightfully using words not only makes our work stronger, but defines our advocacy clearly. What of the word "rescue"? Rescue has taken on a meaning these days that can muddle the real picture of companion parrot advocacy. Pam makes a simple but poignant example with the story of Cracker.

A Canadian Perspective

Companion Parrot Advocacy requires two very important components. The first being awareness of our own personal lifestyle. The second, accepting and acknowledging the global perspective as each person experiences in their own life. Advocacy must and will take on forms that may sometimes be confusing to our own context. Which is natural, our context is not their context. Truly a global and personal mindset must join the focus on behalf of companion parrots.

Create your own mix

Most of us are mad scientists with parrot toy creations. Some of us our mad scientists with chop and birdie bread inventions. Tara has decided to take on the age old goal of creating homemade parrot mix. Healthier, more wholesome and denser in nutrition. I think she nailed it with this recipe.

There is Always Hope

Playing matchmaker in rescue is like putting together a very large puzzle. So many pieces have to be filtered, it takes a while to find the matching pairs. But when they are found, the picture is perfect.

Showing 1–6 of 57 results.