What a dream

What dreams may come out of a day with companions.

What a dream

I woke with the memory of a dream last night. I had been walking down a sidewalk in a city. The sidewalk was lined with a brick retaining wall and iron fence. I let my eyes follow the path of the brick retaining wall and listened to traffic and voices. So many voices in front of a hum of cars and city buses.

I came upon an African Grey parrot sitting on the retaining wall. He lifted a foot to ask for a ride. I obliged and turned around with a new thought to get to a car and drive home.

Issues after I wake up and think on these things:

The African Grey had poodle fur in African Grey colors and a Toucan beak.

The car we came to was the DeLorean from Back to the Future. But Copper. Bright, shiny copper. The passenger seat was filled with parsley and one bright green cabbage.

I'm pretty sure this means, I need to buy some kimchee for me and parsley for the piggles. I called the African ToucaGrey Poodle, LittleGuy. That means I'm going to meet some little guy selling kimchee and parsley. I'm going to Publix later, if I meet a little guy in the kimchee parsley aisle I'm going to ask him if he's seen Neo.

Felix doesn't care about any of my ponderings, he's eating uncooked organic egg pasta. Why, because he likes how it crackles when he eats it.

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