Your Tree House

Choose your companion parrot based on your personality and lifestyle. Success comes from finding the right fit to you, not the other way around.

Your Tree House

A simple truth holds true for the lifespan of a parrot and their parents. Parent owners cannot be house proud. And by house proud, I mean, driven in mind to have a perfectly clean, assembled and decorated "human only" type home while owning a parrot at the same time. You can't have both. It's just a simple truth.

When you bring a companion bird into your life, you are bringing more than an animal with feathers and a beak. You are bringing a flighted, opinionated, instinct driven personality with expectations and demands into your home. But here's the awesome sauce to that statement; this creature wants so very much to be part of your life. This creature has humor. This creature has the intelligence to mimic you for a laugh and play on your emotions for a bit of dinner off your plate. This creature is stunning in color, exotic in nature, beautiful in song and sound, and although one of many, because this creature is a personality, there is only ONE just like him. Each type of companion bird brings a different type of expectation and personality profile.

Indian Ringnecks are fast learners, excellent fliers (Jet Fighter type excellent), opinionated to the nth degree and fearless. But when an IRN chooses to sit on your hand, or your shoulder, you will not find a more loyal, loving and dedicated little soul.

Macaws are big, boisterous, adventurous clowns. The Blue and Gold truly is a lap dog bird if you choose to create the trust necessary. Butters (our Blue and Gold) needs 30 minutes on our bed with me at bedtime before going into her bedroom cage. She literally lays down like a chicken close to me and we both have our heads on the pillow. She purrs, I pet. She falls asleep, I put her to bed. She's so used to this now she flys to the banister early to get things rolling upstairs for bedtime. Building trust, forgetting she might poop on that banister, and reading her personality created that scenario. And let me tell you, a purring, snugly Macaw can not be beat.

The smaller the companion bird, the more important the trust. They only have two options in life; flight or flight. So they tend to be jumpy and slow to accept new ideas. Again, it's up to you to read the tendencies and create scenarios that grow habits of trust out of them.

When you bring a companion parrot home you've started a flock, and your home is the tree house. So, here you are with a new feathered soul waiting for a relationship to blossom with you, but yet all the while you realize...this little (or big) soul wants to eat your computer mouse, murder your remote control, sleep on your monitor and chew the molding around the doors all the while tossing 80% of her pellets out of the bowls and onto your clean, swept floors.'s a tree house.

There's a delicate balance to make, and that balance requires you, the parrot parent, to be very honest with yourself about you and your tree house and the other humans in that tree house. It requires you to choose the correct companion at the very beginning, and acknowledging personality changes as your parrot ages. Building and living in a relationship with a companion parrot is a VERY rewarding experience. There is no other kind like it. It very closely mirrors that of human relationships in as much as a Parrot cannot be forced to like you. A parrot cannot be forced to play with you. A parrot cannot be forced to go or do anything against it's will (without physical restraint and confinement of course).

Parrots choose who they like and who they do not and they do it with purpose and reason. Just like human friends. But your companion parrot did not make that initial choice of coming home with you, nor was it able to choose it's cage, or it's food, or it's toys, or it's views or it's habits and joys. No, these are all results of your choices. And in the end the companion parrot will give to you what you bring to him. Fill your tree house with love, patience, empathy and the best you can provide and your tree house will be filled with the same.

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