Watermelon Bowl

Watermelon, pumpkins, squash and gourdes are the perfect container for delivering foraging and nutritional mixes of just about any combination.

Watermelon Bowl

Cut a mini watermelon in half. Gut both halves of watermelon meat into chunks and put in bowl. Save the watermelon carcasses. Add pumpkin seeds, halved grapes, walnut pieces and sunflower seeds (shelled, unsalted) to the watermelon chunks in the bowl. Mix.

Scoop the mix into paper cupcake cups. Place those in a container for easy handling and place in Freezer.

When it's time to serve, place the watermelon cups into the half watermelon carcass and serve.  For smaller parrots, just serve up a cupcake cup full of fun! This is a big hit in the hot days of summer for all parrots. 

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