This is Matt's Advocacy

Small ripples create big waves.

This is Matt's Advocacy

What makes a Companion Parrot Advocate? And what really is advocacy inside the parrot world anyway? 

I get these questions often. I'm also rather tired of myself these days. FlockCall isn't about me, it's about companion parrots, elevating their truth inside the human world, and spreading that truth around the world. I just happen to be the one who started this thing called Companion Parrot Advocate. I've said from day one, I can't do this alone. I don't want to try and we need to work together to create real permanent change inside the conversation of parrots.

We never know how far our ripples go out. It's the consistent little ripples we initiate every day that create the massive waves we may not see, but yet crash on the shore of another's life and understanding. We need only make ripples to wash away the misinformation. And make no mistake, we are always making ripples. The goal is making the right ripples.

And so today I want to introduce a FlockCall Advocate and friend. He's been a Felix Trainee for a while, has his own flock and is a FlockCall supporter. Matt is what I like to call the poster child of what I hope my ripples create. Personal, sincere individual actions that help create successful companion parrot lifestyles for others. This is real advocacy for parrots. This personal and very individually driven advocacy is why I created FlockCall. 

Matt GovernaleFelixism Bracelets

Matt realized his power to advocate simply by sharing. Sharing became more when he shared with friends Erin and her daughter Abby. His sharing has become mentoring. His mentoring has changed the mindset and understanding of a young person with her first companion, Cinnamon the cockatiel. Simply sharing created ripples that raised joy and confidence for a flock family and I have no doubt whatsoever that those very ripples now leave this young person, reverb back to Matt, back to her mom, out into her world, and back leaving a wake of smiles.

Erin and AbbyAbby and Cinnamon

Matt and RoobzErin and Roobz

Matt Governale is FlockCall's first Featured Companion Parrot Advocate because he represents the power and simplicity of what advocacy really is, it's personal. And it comes from the heart.


I'll let Matt speak for himself on his powerful force of advocacy;

""I dearly love the small and modest things- ala "Here's how I do Beakers." and "Here's our chopped breakfast." And doing my little things. I do enjoy it and I mean what I said back in my little facebook group. "I want all of our birds to be a success in our homes" I'll stand by that!!""

Miss Beakkers

Matt continued, "I had the honor to physically hand a nice young child a beaked and signed copy of Flockcall with a Felix Grey Strength bracelet. At which point her eyes lit up and squealing in delight she damned near knocked me down in hugs!! She's a good kid and experienced the feelings of sharing something cool. Win--win!!"

That kid is Abby. Abby shared her joy and gifts with her mom. Matt shared his flock and knowledge back. And so Cinnamon now has a flock life edified and growing. Because Matt simply shared, there is a young girl and her bird destined to live out a happy life together.

Thank you Matt. Thank you for letting your flock lead the way to advocacy. Thank you for representing the ideas I created with such sincerity, love and truth. I'm honored to know you.

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