The Why in the Companionship

A purposeful approach to our companion care will make for grand success in the relationship.

The Why in the Companionship

The most important action a writer can take is reading. You can't write well if you aren't well read. It is that simple. So I read, alot. I read all genres. I've read all the general parrot care and behavior books out there, and somewhere between "parrots for dummies" and "well trained parrot" type books I sat down and realized they all missed the point. They missed the forest for the trees and took their readers down a cul de sac barren of growth. I kept reading though, looking for fresh greenery. And even though there were a few I wanted to pitch out the window, set on fire or give to Felix for shredding. I finished them.

I appreciated every book I read for clarifying my Why. Before setting out to write, an author needs their "Why". The Why distills every word written and every word removed. The Why filters, clarifies and removes any trace of unnecessary verbiage that can muddy the waters for readers. I love a good Why. With a good Why, you can get alot done. My Why for FlockCall is a purposeful approach toward companion parrots. The Purpose for FlockCall is to give every parrot everywhere a happy home. My Why for the book is to inspire confidence, joy and understanding for the purpose.

You can't have a "well trained parrot", a well behaved parrot", a "calm parrot", an "entertaining parrot", a "well managed parrot", or an "obedient parrot" without a purposeful approach first. Valuing the parrot's perspective in equal sum to the human's perspective is the approach. If a companion parrot rests inside a flock equally with certainty, empathy, patience, respect, a bit of sacrifice, and humility (that's that equal value part), all that other book title business falls in place naturally.

Having a companion parrot in your life is not keeping a pet, a houseplant or a goldfish. You are literally choosing a companion relationship lifestyle. And you are bringing in a bird capable of building that emotional structure and most importantly who will REQUIRE you to keep your end of the bargain for success. There's no approaching this like baking a cake, or building a table. There are no steps A, B, C. There are not tab A's for slot B's. Building a successful companion parrot lifestyle is equivalent to raising a child. You WILL be winging it sometimes. You will have NO idea what you are doing at moments. You will be lost for answers. You will have 10 books in the house and none of them address the current goings on. You will scour online for answers and they won't be there, because EVERY single parrot and every flock they share a life with is DIFFERENT. I can not state that enough.

That is why building a purposeful approach through equal perspective value is the key to real success. The kind of companion success that doesn't need another book, or a new recipe or new cages or a constant need for fine tuning. FlockCall requires a bit of independent thought, a bit of confidence in self and humility all at the same time. Independence, confidence and humility are three items that when out of balance can cause the communication problems we find ourselves in with our parrots and with other people. Balance. I can not state that enough, and I say it often.

Humans tend to compensate for the imbalance with materialism, gossip, anger, drinking, over eating or isolation. When we as humans with a companion are out of wack we tend to be short tempered, offended, impatient, and then put the parrot in isolation, clip their wings or mishandle them physically. I'm being blunt here, but we've all had very bad days and very good days. It's easier to approach this with honest reflection than throwing a blanket over the cage of honest reality. Balance is the key to success in life and in the companion parrot lifestyle. Balance gives us calm which leads to more balance. It's impossible to feel independent, certain and confident in choices if we haven't first built that real humility, equal value perspective relationship with our parrots (and the people in our flock as well).

I write for this Why because I am driven to distraction with the idea that every single parrot CAN be in a happy home IF only this simple truth were first exercised. ALL perspectives have value, and if we are humble and confident enough to allow that equal value to permeate our actions and decisions toward each other and our companion parrots, well I become breathless with hope.

I want us all to become breathless in this forest of confidence, joy and understanding. And quite frankly, you do not need a parrot to get there, but they sure are a great companion for the journey.

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