The Treasure Before Us

Recognize your companions, human and parrot, for the treasure they are, and success is guaranteed.

The Treasure Before Us

The weight of Butters sits evenly on my right shoulder. She's facing backwards and tonguing her beak and gruxing a bit. I can hear her breath lightly and feel her body shift slightly in response to my own. Ever so slowly she begins to sink into my shoulder and lean into my neck and head. She is a comfort. She is my girl. She is a moment in time that delivers treasured peace and a slower heartbeat.

Kirby is buzzy to my left on his perch. Preening, his only concern is his feathers and the first morning nap. Buzzybuzz! That's all he has to add to all this it seems.

Snickers is carrying around his blue plastic cup. Walking the floor pushing it along, stopping often to bang it against the floor. I think the sound is satisfying to him. He chuckles, he says his name, he laughs and bangs.

Felix is on his purple perch asking for apple popcorn. At this point of day that's just him meditating. The words mean little, but the sound puts him into a catatonic state.

Our flock of cockatiels chirp and flutter and hop and drop doing what cockatiels do best.

I love the sound of our home in the morning hours. I do. I look forward to all our parrot puzzle pieces falling into place. I am a flock member, too. I look forward to the routine that tells me all is well. All is good. I need the flock dynamic as much as they do. They make me calmer, happier, more aware of the excellence of my life, the joy of my day and the perfection of my relationships with them, my husband and family.

These are the moments I want to find a rooftop and scream parrots are not pets! Why are you wasting a treasure!? Parrots are not to be controlled, streamlined, set aside, boxed, caged, trained or manipulated for ease or entertainment! Why are you wasting a treasure like that!? Life is short. We will die, become ill or loose portions of our lifestyle as we know it. That is the truth of things. Transient at best, our best moments are short. Why are you wasting a treasure?

And yet, I can't get on a rooftop, because I'm terrified of heights. So I write with my companions and their voice as my music. I write thinking of other companions and their flocks and hoping beyond hope they are happy. That they are aware of their own personal treasure they have built and are building. I write and do my best to remember and remind that life is short, treasures are everywhere, and if you are with your companion you do at that very moment have every joy a person could seek.

Honestly, get off the internet. Log off. Stop for a while. Go spend time just being, sharing, playing, laughing with your companion. Stop posting their photos. Stop with the videos and the commenting while the harsh light of your monitor washes your face and life pale. Stop worrying about what others are doing. Stop wondering why you aren't good enough. You are more than enough. YOU are the abundance for them. Do not let the distractions of a website lie to you. Do not buy that lie. IT isn't important. You, your life, your relationships and your companionship are important. They are your treasure. This place, it's just a mist of chaos and voices competing for your attention. The real thing, that thing that you will call back to in memory on your death bed, that is sitting on your shoulder. Or waiting in a cage. Or singing on a tree stand or possibly napping in another room.

Into the Midst! That is how a life is lived well with or without companion parrots. Get into it, into the middle of it! Slow down, pay attention to the details that fly by a million miles a second. Delve into the truth of life.

Companion Parrots live this mindset every day. They know no other way. That being truth, imagine their confusion when you try to avoid the company of the flock for whatever reason. Imagine their confusion when cellphones, TVs, computers and websites are given the better of your attention. We make no sense at all.

Why wouldn't you want to bang a blue cup with a parrot?

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