The Real Value of Companion Parrots

One does not "keep a parrot". But we do keep a sentinel to our true character.

The Real Value of Companion Parrots

My heart sank when I read the comment. I found myself just staring at the words wondering how anyone could write such a thing publicly. How cold. How mean. How so very arrogant and bullying. Sometimes, I really just prefer not knowing, and yet to do what I do, I have to know. I seek solace in my flock after these moments. Butters flew over without invitation, as most parrots will do when we emotionally fall a bit. Two pounds of goofy parrot landed on my head giving me a full faceful of a view of upside down parrot beak and a big "HI!".  Her medicine is good.

So there I am standing with a companion on my head telling me she's a good girl and telling Snickers in the other room he should "come'ere!". All the while I stare at these foul and lazy words. "I just spray him to shut him up and go back to bed! LOL" I get a little dizzy and my heart races a bit when I feel anger. It's my family lineage I think. We just do. Butters feels it and crawls down on my shoulder and shoves her tongue in my ear. Dr. Butters and her injection of silly. 

The comment was made to a Felix episode I made about getting up early. As with all Felix episodes I wrap a nugget of reality inside a parrot's viewpoint. Which is how we all create a healthy flock, sharing the parrot's viewpoint. I'm left with a question for this person. Person who bullies his bird why did you get a bird? Seriously. You've heard the old adage, the early bird gets the worm. You know what's coming, and yet you chose to deny your parrot their personality and instinct for your own nature. I suppose going to bed earlier is too much to ask, or possibly moving their roost cage to a different area for less sound travel. I suppose that can not be considered. I can also suppose this person takes extremely good care of their parrot, and except for this one thing, this one moment of bullying, it's all roses and sweet song. Basically every morning for this parrot is stressed. Every morning this bird fights a natural tendancy to avoid conflict and bullying. 

Butters preens my neck and purrs.  Obviously, my blood pressure went up.

Maybe this guy is joking. Nope, he's not. I pay for continuing to read this thread with heart palpitations. Butters applies a warm feather compress to my head. I close out the windows into social media and put my computer to sleep. Ya, that's ironic.

My heart sinks at these moments because I am sure that this habit, however benign some may view it, lessens the parrot, the person and the relationship. There is loss on both sides and on the whole. Do parents spray their 4 year olds when they get up too early, go racing into mom and dad's bedroom and jump on their slumbering parents with squeals and giggles? Let's hope not. What if there was such a family? What could be imagined of this action? Loss of trust, joy and some confusion in the child's mind for sure. What's the difference then? Outside of the fact it is legal to put a parrot in a cage, not too much, if you look at it through the viewpoint of the parrot.

Butters has slid down my right arm and is putting 2 pounds of parrot on my forearm. She looks at me, the blank monitor screen and back at me again. "HI!" she says. One little word means lets go be together. 

Let's go be together. THAT is what this early bird is saying to his dad. And his dad sprays him with a water bottle and goes back to bed.

What a loss.

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