The Complexity of us to a Companion Parrot

Parrots are not complicated.

The Complexity of us to a Companion Parrot

We are all on different roads leading to different ends. Each of us has our own belief system, our own financial story, our own lifestyle and history. Each of us has our own complexity that no one else has the right to judge or point at in arrogant gesture. None of us get this right all the time, including myself. But those that truly love their companions generally do the best they can inside their own reality. I see this time and time again.

The only complex thing in a flock of human and parrot is the human. We are our own undoing in the companionship, the care, and the execution of same. We don't trust ourselves enough, we trust other's opinions too much. We do not trust our parrot to believe their communications, and we have trouble accepting their answer of "no". I call this fear.

When a companion proves it's cognition and intelligence, we celebrate that moment as pivotal. And then we continue with the experiments, keeping this proven intelligence seperated from it's due and truly needed companion life, and pretend the proof we just celebrated isn't quite good enough quite yet. Then we write books about this experimentation at the cost of their quality of life. I call this arrogance.

We judge each other's care, concern and companion parrot lifestyle without trying to first understand each other. Ironically, this spills out into our own flock. We may use words like, "bad bird", "unwanted behavior" and the like judging our own parrot before trying to understand them. Because somehow we decided we were the only one in the room with sound reason. I call this hubris.

Human Complexity, it is the center of the mass of all the issues for companion parrots. We are their undoing. And it is the center of the mass of all the issues FlockCall Advocacy will trudge through these coming years and has trudged through these past three.

Fear is born of insecurity. False security breeds arrogance. That false arrogance breeds hubris. And then we judge each other and each other's ways and companion parrot advocacy becomes advocacy of pride. And pride comes before a fall without fail.

I work with flocks in far away lands, lands I won't name because there are those that judge, but lands where it has been perfectly acceptable to use a string on the leg of a companion parrot to keep them from flying away. It has been perfectly acceptable for hundreds of years. In these lands there are no stores selling harnesses. There are no groomers to clip wings, and there is no money to pay the exhorbatent VAT fees, shipping fees and local delivery fees to get any other option. These flocks love their birds, they almost worship them and do the very best of their care inside their reality. Who am I to judge them on these strings? What purpose would that do advocacy of same?

I work with flocks all over the world that have never seen a vet because vets do not exist within reach. Or worse, a vet isn't a vet at all, but a person willing to try the exercise of veterinary practice. Their parrots show signs of illness, they come to me for assistance, enlightenment and direction. Who am I to judge their location, their life, their circumstance? These people care, they are making differences for themselves and they are doing the best they can in their reality to make the companion parrots within their reach happy. Who am I to judge them on their lack of vetting? What purpose would that do advocacy of same?

Advocacy, for me, is seeking out the issues to find the solutions hidden within those that are willing to see possibility not negativity. Advocacy is talking to every one and anyone about companion parrots, their care, their concerns on a global level. Advocacy is not judging other's positions but LEARNING FROM THEM to facilitate postive change WITH others. 

This world is vast, it's humans varied and it's history with companion parrots as old as written history can prove. Change can not happen over night. And it will not happen if we judge first and advocate second.

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