Perfect Parrot Perch

Perches should be as varied in shape and width as a tree full of branches. Ditch the dowel rods and replace them with a myriad of choices for their perching comfort and foot and leg health.

Perfect Parrot Perch

Take a look in your closet and count the number of shoes you own.

Why do you have multiples?  A pair for walking, a pair for running, a pair for the beach, a pair for shopping, a pair for dancing, a pair for dining, a pair simply because they are comfy!!

Ever have one of those days that goes a bit long and you can NOT wait to get home and kick your shoes off?  Ah!  The relief of getting out of those shoes into something different, something more comfy.

Your parrot has the same issue, but instead of shoes, it's perches.  Gone are the days of simple dow rod perches only.  Look up in a tree, are all the branches straight and the same?  Nope.

A healthy footed companion parrot MUST have varying perches made of varied materials in sizes that span width differences appropriate to that bird's size.  In other words, your bird needs some shoes!

Perches are the center piece to your parrot's cage comfort and traveling between toys and foods.  A varied selection can exercise your bird's feet, aid in keeping their nails trimmed, increase blood circulation and provide alot of comfort. A wide balanced variety of perches will be much appreciated now, and in the future when your baby is aging. Switching out dowel rods is also stimulating for a bird's mind.  As we also discussed previously companion parrots are BIG textural junkies.  You'll know you brought home great perches when your baby ends up chewing, tasting, clawing and rubbing his beak all over the perch.

You may be thinking,"Well, if these are so important, why are only dowel rods sold with cages?" THAT is a great question. The answer is simple. Cage manufacturers are not perch manufacturers.  It really is the bird owner's job to understand the components of what a parrot needs, seek out the latest information and then apply that information to their own aviary settings.  So, those dowel rods are freebies you can use for something else!  I don't know what, but hey, you never know when a dowel rod might come in handy.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!


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