Pasta Foraging Food

Take foraging and nutrition seriously. But take presentation to a 4 year old's seriousness. Which isn't very serious at all.

Pasta Foraging Food

Because eating should be ridiculously fun!  You can save this in a bowl in the frig for a week of silly. You'll need:

Veggie Spaghetti Pasta

Veggie Penne Pasta

*optional: Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, or Hemp Seeds

BEFORE cooking pasta el dante, break spaghetti pasta sticks in half, thread penne pasta pieces with enough pasta sticks so the penne is full. Kinda tricky not to break the spaghetti, but you want the penne to be as full of spaghetti sticks as possible, and speghetti pasta sticking out of both ends so it will drape and wiggle once cooked.

Bring water to boil with a little Olive Oil to keep things from sticking while cooking.  Carefully lower Spaghetti Worm Delights you built into the water with a pasta fork or other tool.  You don't want the spaghetti to fall out.

Drain, rinse then roll in seeds of choice (optional)

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