Parrots are Not Pets

Not sure which companion parrot is right for you? Volunteer at a parrot rescue or sanctuary and explore the personalities and parrot possibilities first hand. You'll learn what it takes to be a companion for a companion.

Parrots are Not Pets

A little clarity to what a parrot is helps to reveal the problem inside the pet trade, parrot shows, and consumer side of parrots in general. Who is a parrot? All birds with a hookbill. Those are parrots. Hookbills can be as small as a parrotlet and as large as a mighty black palm cockatoo. A parrot is a parrot, no matter the size. And a parrot no matter the size is cognizant of itself and it's surroundings and it's flock. Bluntly stated, little or big, parrots know what is right and wrong, frightening or silly, sad or happy and who is cruel and who is not. And more clarifying, parrots remember every lesson life gives them, and parrots can choose to forgive or not to forgive.

These ideas are not up for debate, but proven through science, observation, conservation and husbandry. Companion parrots are not domesticated, but freethinking and free willed. This is standing, stated and written knowledge. So, how can some one leave a bird behind on the roadside, in an abandoned house or worse? How can wild parrots be scooped up and boxed like so much fodder for sale in another country? How can a cockatoo find it's very aware and emotional self in some pet store with a bowl of seed and a price tag on it's perch? Those actions only happen with commodities, mindless items with socially accepted values for trade and commerce, right? How did parrots get here? By the same means they will escape from this position in society. Us.

I take full responsibility every moment an opportunity arises to educate. I have modified my actions and future actions to accommodate new truths revealed. I will always rescue first. I will promote and support and help finance companion parrot rescue and sanctuary with every opportunity I can create inside and my daily life. I will use my flock as the example for others real understanding.

Parrots are a commodity because we as a society allowed it to be so, it just is that simple. But that does not mean, we who are aware and part of a flock continue to acknowledge it as appropriate. We who know can take consistent steps to reach out, volunteer, foster, donate, consider, talk, educate and study. We can rail against the examples of callous people or we can use that energy and do something every day to make a bit of a change. What if we all donated $5 to a parrot rescue once a month? What if half of us fostered or sponsored a parrot? What if half of THAT half volunteered at a rescue, sanctuary or local SPCA? What if all of the whole kept a watchful eye for abuse and the suffering, and took action when we saw it? And what if you added one action every month to cause change? And what if I created a website that can help you do all that and more online? I did.

Together we can make stories of celebration, success and accomplishment for companion parrots everywhere. And we can do this together, here and now.

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