Parrots are Loud

Healthy happy parrots are loud. Expecting a parrot not to be loud is akin to expecting a cat not to purr. It is unreasonable.

Parrots are Loud

Once upon a time Butters our B&G Macaw, was a quiet little girl. Her communication and vocalizations, no matter the message, were not loud at all. Even when frustrated or afraid she didn't scream. She was a very zen macaw. But she spent her days with a very quiet mom in a very quiet house with other quiet birds. And then Snickers came home. And fledged. And became a very vocal boy. Which is just fine indeed. We knew a male Scarlet Macaw wasn't going to be timid or quiet. After a 18 months of training Butters is a bonafide drama queen. She is so skilled she will scream if you walk by without any intentions at all. Oh she loves a good scream fest. Which is just fine. We knew what we were getting into with two macaws.

Now that we have two loud a raucous personalities in the house I retooled their screaming to play time only. When I or dad come home we hear a loud "Hi!" and a "SNICKERS!" rather than glass shattering screams. They are hilarious, I love being greeted when I get home from errands, all my sweet voices calling out their names or hellos. Every parrot in the house is loud at times. It can get very loud if all get involved. The dogs have learned to join in with howls as well. In the end we have learned to join in for an all out shout fest at about 7pm every night. Every birdy unloads that last bit of energy and joy before the roosting begins.

Parrots are loud, and they are loud for good reasons. A shouting youngster is strengthening his respiratory system. Juveniles are exercising their youthful joy and right to opinions. Adults are communicating their frustrations or joys. Loud is a normal form of parrot communication. Quiet is also a normal form of parrot communication. But always remember loud comes with the package. And don't let the size of the bird fool you.

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