Parrot Kisses and Purrs

Butters is a Blue and Gold Macaw. Blue and Golds are the friendly clowns of macaws. She is the flock member who has the easiest spirit. I love her welcoming and easy going ways.

Parrot Kisses and Purrs

Time stopped today. Time ceased it's movement, all matter of stardust hung in the air and I was there in the middle of that pause listening to her purr.

I never have enough time in the day. Generally I'm trying to beat some time. A deadline, a yellow light, an alarm clock, a stop watch, an appointment; they are all my nemesis. Butters, being a macaw, has no idea these things exist. And she has no interest in being introduced today.

Having a two pound bird land on your shoulder or head can be a bit startling, unless one has been doing this for a few years. Then, if you are really not paying attention, you don't even notice. I didn't notice so much, I was busy thinking about the time. She landed on my right shoulder.


I grinned, but barely gave her a look as time was running out. She slid down my arm and carefully positioned herself on my forearm and looked up (I am, after all, typing at the keyboard at this time).

"HI!", her voice is so sweet.

I grinned, looked at her and said, "What is it Butterbean?" She has NO idea what time it is!

And then she pushed time out of the room. Butters raised her foot. I had to raise my left hand so she could grab my finger. She purred and leaned into me suggesting I needed to raise her up a bit further, and closer. I am standing holding hands with Butters, her left foot resting on my right forearm she looks up at me, purrs and then she leans forward and rests her head on my chest and sighs. Oh yes, parrots can sigh, they can laugh and they can kiss with intent. Their adoration is only limited by the adoration they receive. She is listening to my heartbeat and I am listening to her breath, her warm claw wrapped around my finger gently to say, "We are together. I love you. That's all I want."

Time has stopped. Stardust hangs in the air. I have no work to do, I have no deadlines and I have nothing more important than to be. Life is simple really. I tell most people if you haven't a companion parrot within your life. There's a bit of magic missing.

I don't know how long we stay like this, I don't think to care. My arm is numb, and my wrist is stuck and my neck is kinked from looking into her eye as we stop time together.

But then Snickers flock calls for her. "Butters, com're!" Yes, it is explicit and intended.

Butters starts and lets go of my finger straightens up and yells, "Com're!"

A flurry of blue and gold feathers and a few other things off my desk take flight along with her. And she is gone in the other room laughing with Snickers. Time remains and starts ticking again.

Oh but am I not the lucky one to have held time in stardust and parrot purrs.

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