Marco Polo

The healthiest and happiest parrots I have ever met were the parrots allowed to flock call and have those calls returned. Marco Polo is always the best game in a flock!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo!  The Art of the Flock Call

We all know how quiet the playgrounds are around elementary schools. The children walk out quietly, holding hands, whispering about the slide and swings with cautious thoughtful steps...oh...wait...let's start over.

We all know how quiet public pools are during the summer.  Children paddling and floating like waterlillies in that's not right. 

We all know how quiet a room full of kindergarten children are as they share toys, graciously pass the cookies and milk and wait in a straight line to go to the on...

We all know how quiet children are around the Christmas Tree as they open their brightly colored packages on Christmas's almost like a Cathedral during mass.  Well all that sounds ridiculous!  Children are constantly on the move, always looking for adventure and fun.  Children are curious and crazy and have little to no editing going on in their head. Why, children are borderline nuts!

So why would anyone expect anything less from their Companion Parrots?

Parrots are in a constant state of assessment.  They have to be. Nature has taught their kind that they MUST know who's who and where's who all the time, or somebody is going to get eaten.  Parrots flock.  Parrots are group event creature.  Groups need communication to stay in a group. Parrots need assessment and communication constantly.  

How many of us shout across our house to locate a husband, child or wife? (I know I do!) So why are we expecting our Companion Parrot to be quiet?

You are part of their flock. YOU must be located and communicated with constantly. So why aren't you answering the flock call?  Flock calling is a great game of Marco Polo and logistical communications.  Parrots thrive on it, parrots desire it, and parrots who get that feedback tend to be MUCH quieter parrots.  Because over countless flock calling events you, the flock member, have always answered.  So, your parrot trusts you, and your parrot is less anxious because you are a good flock member.

You really ought to try this exercise; next time your parrot(s) are making a ruckus, call out their name.  Do it again.  Listen to their call back.  Soon it will be a game of Marco Polo and I guarantee they will love it.  Try calling first when the house is quiet.  Just call out their name.  Listen to their call back.  This is another form of bonding and trust building.

Because everyone likes to feel needed.  And everyone likes to feel part of a group.  And no one has ever played a game of Marco.

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