Magic of Parrots

Listen, empathize and offer yourself honestly. Your companion parrot will return these acts back to you ten fold.

Magic of Parrots

Sharing a chuckle with a parrot is magic beans. I personally find having a home filled with parrots to be magical. There are times when a flock meshes and molds and communicates a shared feeling or moment and you really cannot not believe in magic. It's all around.

Butters, Snickers and Kirby all have their roost cages in the master and that makes bedtime hilarious. There's the bird bedtime, where we all spend a few minutes on the bed saying good night with a bit of snuggling, then "good night!" and "I love you!" as we place them in their roost cage.

The adults head back downstairs for grownups only time. Well, grownups only plus Felix. And let's face it, try telling a Grey they aren't part of the grownups. That doesn't fly. When it's grown ups bedtime we take Felix to bed, "byebye!" a whistle click followed by fart sounds says good night. Felix has his own bedroom for his roost. He prefers his parrot privacy.

Now comes the fun and magic.

We get into bed and Butters and Snickers welcome us to the roost with whispered hellos, huh? and Hi. We whisper back. Butters purrs. I purr back. And then Butters chuckles. Exactly five "ha"s in a row. "ha ha ha ha ha" I can't answer that. Otherwise we have to start all over. She must have the last roost word, five of them specifically. But this past Sunday evening's chuckles were a bit more animated and quite frankly full of happy hilarity. We all had a VERY good day. I started laughing back. Snickers started laughing, Kirby started laughing, we were all laughing. Grownups and parrots laughing in the dark.

The ONLY thing missing was pixie dust. Because at that very moment we were connected with a clear emotional bond. Irreplaceable and etched in all our hearts. Oh no, these are not pets, these are my companions, my feather kids, my joy. We all fell asleep and silent one by one, each quieted chuckle a wish in itself.

The FIRST words I hear every morning are "Good Morning Felix!" Followed by a concert of Hi! and Hello. These are sincere and happy and clearly calm.

I start and end my day with joy and magic. I read jokes about parrots being can openers, and screamers and alarm clocks and other such objectifying humor and it doesn't strike a chord for me. I find it all marginalizing at best.

But I've always been protective of magic.

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