Look What We Did, Together

Working together, we can change so much for the better.

Look What We Did, Together

The thing about advocacy is you can get lost in it. Not only emotionally, but work wise. It's easy to not look back and appreciate the totality of finished good works because we are so busy looking forward at what needs doing. That's a shame. Because the very fuel of advocacy is the accomplishments.

I don't know if I've told you lately, but thank you. You don't know what you did, but it's huge. I started Felix and FlockCall with a simple invitation. Join Me. Join me to laugh together. To learn together. To share our joys and struggles together. I asked you to Join Me so that together we could give every parrot everywhere, a happy home. And you did, and I so very much thank you because the last 7 months have been AMAZING in results and happier flocks.

I didn't do any of this alone. You've shared, you've told others, you've donated when I've asked for help for a companion in need. You've reached out to help, to ask and to give direction with the help of Felix and FlockCall.com. You probably don't realize how BIG of an impact you've had on companion parrots around the world. Which is shame. You should know what you did. I thought you would like to know what you did.

Together we have found 13 lost parrots.

Together we have helped 53 flocks to be happier AND in that we have kept 25 from giving up their companion parrots.

Together we have rescued 27 companion parrots.

Together we have donated hundreds of dollars for rescue needs. I don't keep exact totals, because all our rescues received money directly from you!

Together we have been able to move resources between locations. What kind of resources? 5 cages, 3 travel cages, toys, tree stands, newspapers and blankets. Enough stuff to impact 6 different rescues.

Together we positively impacted 4 family owned parrot toy makers. Who are all active in companion parrot advocacy via their stores.

Together we saved 5 companion parrots from treatable illnesses through simple networking and asking "who do you know?"

Together we ended the suffering of companion parrots by closing 2 locations they were held in.

Together we helped educate, inspire and welcome 79 flocks that were lost and alone.

Together we stepped in to help and promote Marley's Mission, who will be improving and impacting a flock full of companion parrots in a small zoo in Mexico! THIS project will be an ongoing advocacy.

These are the numbers I know because they are attached to stories, phone calls, emails, messages and projects driven from Felix and FlockCall pages as well as FlockCall.com to my desk. WE gave over 200 companion parrots happier homes. YOU did that. YOU sent people my way to help. I can't find these needs alone. Can you imagine how many more have been helped because you shared, liked, spoke up, shared information or an article that haven't said hello?

When I receive thank you notes, happy ending stories, photos of healthier parrots, and gifts (well Felix get's most of those.) Always remember if it wasn't for all of you sharing, none of this would work.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of every parrot heart that is happier today. Thank you for participating. There are so many stories behind the scenes I don't have time to put forward.

Please keep sharing, keep visiting FlockCall.com as we are adding more functions for advocacy, more authors and more knowledge every week. As we head into the new year and close out 2015 I see wonderful opportunity everywhere. 

TOGETHER we can give every parrot everywhere, a happy home.

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