Lettuce and Veggie Foraging

Remember veggies and fruit come with stems, seeds, leaves and foliage. Shop in the whole food section of the produce area and consider how to incorporate the whole structure for foraging, not just the parts that end up processed and packaged for quick cooking.

Lettuce and Veggie Foraging

You'll need:

  • Big leafy butter lettuce leaves.
  • Pine Nuts/Walnut pieces/pistachio pieces (whatever floats your boat, but chopped)
  • Chopped sweet peppers in yellow, red, and orange.
  • Fresh carrot strings (you know run your carrot peeler over a carrot and there ya go!)
  • Black Bean Hummus
  • Cottage Cheese (yes small amounts of cottage cheese is a great way to deliver tasty calcium.)

Mix Black Bean Hummus with carrot strings, nut pieces and sweet peppers to get a clumpy sticky hummus mix even with stuff.

Spoon into a leaf of Butter Lettuce.

Lay the full lettuce leaf in a regular pellet bowl so that the clump of mix sits centered in the leaf and bowl. (pretty!)

Top with a tsp of Cottage Cheese. Serve. Get out of the way.

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