Let's Talk Food

Opinions are just that, opinions. Nutrition, and how you deliver that to your parrot is very personal and very important. And others opinions, are not.

Let's Talk Food

Let's talk food. Specifically the overwhelming opinions, positions and labels of types of foods, makes of foods, styles of foods and threat of foods that you can find online. In fact, let me challenge you to relax about the whole subject. Allow me, through this article to give you permission to stop chasing rabbits down holes and start feeling sure of yourself outside of the rhetoric and directions and adamant statements you may have found online.

I hereby declare a truce between the opinions and the inquiries. Yup. I can do that on my page. Now that we can all agree we don't have to agree, and more importantly we don't have to be right by proving the other guy wrong, we can examine food without passion or emotion.

Nobody knows your bird better than you. End of statement. If anybody tells you differently, stop listening. Knowing your bird and knowing facts about birds in general is not the same thing. Every parrot every where is different. Their DNA is different, their heritage is different, their lifestyle is different and their history is different from every other parrot out there. They are as individual as we are, and that is the key to the door the closes the insufferable debates about feeding a parrot. It needs to close. Because there are some who have become overwhelmed and a little depressed thinking they can never get any of this right because there is always somebody out there saying they are wrong, even after trying so very hard to meet the mandates that sounded so true somewhere.

How many diet plans are there out there for humans? Low carb, high carb, low protein, no milk, drink milk!, no meat, all meat and on it all goes. And yet, when you seek out the way from one of these diets on their websites, what is the first suggestion they make before embarking on their system. SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

So why are we not doing this with our birds? We see our Facebook groups first, we see a forum online first, we talk to a name given to us by another name. Then we go fiddling with things and foods and flavors and calories and proteins and on and on and all the while your bird is getting frustrated, confused, and a little stressed. Of course you have no real idea if any of this is working. What do you have to prove it all out?

If you are going to make pointed decisions and changes to the very core of your parrot's health, then you NEED to be scheduling Avian Vet health checks and baseline blood panels first. And then make that a yearly event. Because if it isn't broke, do not fix it. Why modify a system you have built, and worked on and created specifically for your parrot, just because you read an article about apples being bad? Unless your bird's blood panel came back showing needs in nutritional changes you are throwing darts in the dark. No target, no known results. But the dartboard (parrot) is getting hit, and he is getting tired of it.

I have blood panel histories, and they are stellar, bulletproof and stable, it's kinda hard to tell which year they come from simply by looking at the results. And you would be slightly surprised as to what I am and am not doing. But I don't worry about it, because I have scientific data and a strong Avian Vet watching my every move through that data.

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