Installing Patience

If you have more patience for you parrot than people, it's okay.

Installing Patience

It's Spring. More so for some than others, but it is Spring. This brings all the different flocks of songbirds back to our yard. They appreciate the parrot food leftovers in their baby building projects.  We have a pair of Ravens, Helen and Edgar. Dozens of doves, mockingbirds, bluejays, cardinals, starlings, wrens and chickadees. We have all the shorebirds on the other side of the fence as well. Egret to Ibis and back to a few pelican. This year we have a pair of muskuvee ducks nesting nearby.  A peaceable kingdom full of diversity, song and purpose.  I love our backyard in the Spring. Soon we'll have the offspring of our early Spring feeders and nest builders. And then that peacable kingdom will become a bit more defensive. Much like a Little League Game during the finals.  Things get kinda ugly between the parents, on behalf of their offspring.

And so it goes with me and the air conditioning guy. It got kinda ugly. All was peaceable in the parrot kingdom until his arrival. Since the incident I've played this out a thousand times in my head. Seriously. The whole thing bugs me to this day. But I'm more bothered by my lack of patience and kneejerk fullback reaction than anything.  I'm the Companion Parrot Advocate (trademark) in the room. It's up to me to clarify, edify and share the glories of having a parrot. And yet, one guy with a clipboard and no parrot understanding, has me sharing the glories of a protective mama bear, which includes a bit of teeth and growling. 

WAS his KAWKAW! innocent? DID he mean to scare Butters with his clipboard and ridiculous voicing? Was this man so without understanding and etiquette that to him barking at others' dogs, meowing at their cats, or hissing at lizards not familiar is just another day in his installation week? Could it be that this guy was raised to believe other's companions are just waiting to provide him some personal amusement during his work week?  From all indicators in my house the answer is yes. Which leaves me with the end result of what does one do in that situation?

Thankfully I have all of you, my human flock of readers, who were kind enough to take the time to share your thoughts and insights. The day I posted the incident asking that question I received so many replies and stories of your experiences. I really appreciated these. I found an interesting dynamic that never revealed itself in other parrot associated issues. The gender dynamic. Men who messaged me or left a message publicly sided with the installation guy, offering a mea culpa for him as well as the suggestion I should/could take the time to explain the matter to him first before services are provided. Women who messaged me or left a message publicly sided with mama bear and with brute force verbage described what they would have done if they were in my shoes. I learned two things; men understand how men are and ladies, I now know I am nowhere NEAR as angry as I thought!  I was humbled by your fighting stances! 

Will I be installing more patience this Spring for my fellow man (woman)? Yes, I will for my fellow man, because from the reading I've done, men need it more, and more of it. And ladies, from the reading I've done I will definetly install more patience as some of you scared me like a clipboard scares a macaw! 

But alas, I will continue my "act now, ask for forgiveness later...maybe" process for any person that comes into our home and uses our companion parrots as a personal inside joke. Because, in the end, you wouldn't bark at someone's dog you just met, you wouldn't hiss and meow at their cat and you would not poke their tarantula. Having an understanding of parrots or not isn't the issue, it's decorum and etiquette that is the issue. Of which this guy has neither.

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