Including your Parrot

I consider all parrots companions. Because the reality is, all parrots have the real potential to be a close personal companion.

Including your Parrot

We humans have a trait that can cause hiccups within our relationships. It's a trait that exposes itself quite often.  And it's the trait most difficult to see in ourselves.  I am very guilty of it when busy or in one of those mindsets that "I have to get something done".

Exclusion.  It's a simple change in attitude and action.  We no longer talk to or act with friends, family or companion parrots as part of our day, but rather, as some thing IN our way.  Much like waiting for someone to stop talking so you can state your opinion, rather than listening and including their voice in your dialogue.

I talk out loud during the day to the flock.  I'm always chatting and answering them back.  Particularly if they are in their cage.  When I'm walking through the room to get to another room or heading outside, I call out a hello, and let them know what I'm doing.  If they are out and about, I'll invite them to join me in what I may be doing. (Of course this assumes what you are doing is safe for them to be near and a part of the action.  No parrot is allowed in the kitchen when we are cooking, for example.  BUT if i'm chopping veggies and fruit, I've eight supervisors)

Inclusion and an inclusive mindset is so strong now among us that right now, as I am writing this post, I have a Macaw on my shoulder (Butters) another on my head (Snickers), Kirby on my left wrist, Felix to my right in his tent, and 4 cockatiels peppering the shelving to my left.  They all joined me by choice.  And they will not leave or bother me while I work.  This will last for about 2 hours. Until I grab a pen of course.  I can't write ANYTHING with a pen with any of them around.

Felix LOVES to be around someone. He doesn't like being left behind.  If I'm in the kitchen, he wants in there. If I'm in the office, he wants in there.  "See the Bird?" Is his way of letting me know, he's not yet included.

Butters will sit on my shoulder all day long.  She is my yoga partner as well. Downward dog takes a whole new meaning on with her.  She needs inclusion.  She also understands "Wait."  She will wait for a very long time, because I always come back to include her without fail.

When they are included I have the quietest parrots on the planet.  Truly. When inclusion becomes a normal idea, a calmer bird becomes the norm. Next time your bird is making a bit of a fuss, or calling out, take a moment to consider what you are doing, and where he/she is in relation to you. He/she may just want to be included.

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