If it's not Broke, Don't Fix It

I have faith in you, and your flock. You should too.

If it's not Broke, Don't Fix It

I suppose if you do something long enough and sincere enough you'll be introduced to just about everything plus that one thing that makes you go, huh. Considering my use of social media you might find it odd I don't much care for it. I don't enjoy the random side of the pool at all. That side of the pool is full of selfies, and self statements, self promotion and self aggrandizement. It also ends up providing a steamy bath for arguments and angry tirades based on emotional filters and stubborn comfortable beliefs. Or possibly the righteousness of some new idea that although sounds good, is at best a fad for people to join to feel, well, smarter. So what does that have to do with Parrots? Nothing unless you are like me and have a newsfeed full of parrot driven pages and conversations. Or maybe you are trying hard to find the right answers to your parrot questions and you stumble upon a thread about food. Or possibly you are trying to connect to groups for information and a bit of like minded conversation about parrots. That gets tricky fast.

That tricky turns into complicated. And complicated turns into frustration and concern and doubt about yourself and you caring for your parrot. So to stop feeling like that you follow the group with the loudest voice or proclamation of being right and you move forward on their terms and advice because after all the reading you forgot where you started. You barely remember what you needed and why you showed up on that page or conversation in the first place. What is the first step to problems between you and your parrot? Self doubt and social media. There, I said it. And I said it on my social media page. I feel better already.

Companion Parrots are not complicated. They aren't. Their needs are pretty straight forward. Their emotional needs are pretty straight forward, if not emotional requiring more empathy and patience than, say, a dog. Their long term care and needs is pretty straight forward. It only gets complicated when we choose to make it complicated. Human nature loves making things complicated, and then standing on that pile of complicated like a mountaineer declaring, "Look here! Look at all this complicated that I control! I wield my complicated better than all, therefor I am!"

Seems like alot of work to impress people who aren't paying much attention, or only enough attention to take the time to post that YOUR complicated is wrong and outdated. THEIR complicated is so much better and backed by a study and this person with this background. YOUR complicated is so simple, it's almost dangerous.

Here's the basics for fabulous joy with a companion parrot. The biggest cage you can find. Sunshine and views. Healthy foods from good things like vegetables and fruit and healthy seeds and nuts. Toys and games and favorite things. LOTS of love and interaction and sharing and being part of a family. Always saying goodnight and good morning. Always forgiving. Always remembering your companion is a parrot first. Being patient and kind and empathize with your companion's needs and emotional being. Forgive your parrot every day for not being a human. Your parrot will forgive you for being human.

Do this every day. Do this with the help of a Doctor for healthcare only a Doctor can give. Do this more, try more and never give up when you have a bad day. We all do. No one knows you, your lifestyle and your parrot(s) better than you. No one. Not one person in the social media world can truly understand your life with your parrot. Be strong in that belief, your parrot needs you to be strong in that belief.

The democratization of knowledge on the internet has infiltrated our own self confidence and self worth when it comes to steering our own ships. Am I saying do not seek help? No, I'm not. I'm saying seek the help that makes you stronger. If the help offered causes you to doubt everything you've been doing, and doing well. If you leave a conversation wondering how you could have done it so wrong so long. If you log off and think, am I really that wrong? It may not be you that's wrong at all.

If your parrot(s) are bright, happy, loud, raucous, silly, playful, singing, talking, eating, swinging, chewing your furniture and hunting for the remote they are not supposed to have, then the only question you really need to ask yourself is, why are you online reading through debates on nutrition, rescues, laws, and what others think about all those things? Really, if your home, flock, parrot and self is functioning smoothly and well and you have an Avian Vet to back that truth, you already ARE doing everything right. The only thing you need to do now is more of it. And if you haven't an Avian Vet nearby but all those other points apply, I'm PRETTY sure you are on game.

Today I helped 4 more people feel better about themselves and their flocks (that's 11 for 2015), because 4 different parrot groups/pages decided they needed to let the world know their new found ways are better, and those not following are for all intents and purposes, killing their birds slowly. Which is sad. It's sad these people and their flocks were hurting just because someone or group was more interested in being right than being helpful and honest about simplicity. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's wrong.

Don't try to fix what isn't broken, it just makes things complicated. I have faith in you and your flock.

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