Grow your own Parrot Treats

Fresh plants, branches, herbs, seeds and veggies can come from your own backyard rather than a store.

Grow your own Parrot Treats

Harvest fresh employment and foraging opportunities from your own backyard!

Have you ever thought about turning your landscape into a Parrot Employment Productcape? (How's that for a title?) We've slowly turned out backyard into a sustainable area for employment harvesting. Bamboo, Myrtle trees, Palm trees producing palm nuts, herbs, green producing veggies in pots (carrots are awesome for deep pot patio gardens; carrot greens make cockatiels happy! Ficus bonsai trees offer trimmings often for nibbling.

The only requirement is not using pesticides or herbicides. Which is to say, you'll be pulling weeds, and using eucalyptus mulch.

We just trimmed our Myrtle and cut the low hanging seed bunches. We brought in all the branches and some of the seed bunches and every birdy has been having a ball all day. We've still got a 5 gallon bucket full of the seed bunches for the coming weeks. The herb garden provides dried and fresh greens for chop, raw foot and foraging and play. I've let a section of our Zoysia grass grow long and wild and free. I trim handfuls for every birdy to munch.

If your backyard is chemical free, and cared for there is no reason to not utilize what you've grown for your landscape, if it's on the safe list, use it! Flower blooms are also a fabulous addition! (I have a terrible time growing flowers in Florida.)

After a rain, collect a few hours fun, washed and ready for free.

Sustainable companion parrot provisions are another way to offer that natural element our birds crave.

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