Focusing on the Right Stuff

Companion Parrots are not difficult. Focusing on the right things can be the difficult part.

Focusing on the Right Stuff

Have you ever had one of those days that will go down in your memory as absolutely perfect? The day where you didn't think of anything but the fun that occurred, or the people involved, or the laughter and simple joy that took place? I have many of those myself.

Here's a secret about "those days". I hope you tell every body you know after I tell you. The only reason that day was truly epic was because, you focused on what was the here and now, and not what was missing or could have been. Seriously. We all have days we seem capable of "letting go" and just enjoying the day. For whatever reason, we allow ourselves that peace and joy. And so that day goes down in the annals of memory history as perfect. Of course it was just like any other day, you just stopped looking at what wasn't, what could have been, or what was missing. You control it all, by allowing yourself to accept it all.

I want to give you permission today and forever more, to allow yourself to be happy, accept that your companions are happy and literally float in the joy of a simple truth in companion parrot lifestyles. Your companions look to you to define if it's okay. Define it. Own it. Share it. Rejoice in it.

And while you are at it, do the same with the rest of your life.

No life is perfect. We contextually intake others life stories and think we don't have enough money, enough influence, enough home, enough whatever. Why? Because we are looking at someone else's life, NOT OUR OWN.

We read and focus on companion parrots needing to be free, needing not to be in cages or homes or with people and they are suffering and sad and less than because of us. That offends me beyond words. It offends me because the rationalization going on is a lie. Native forests are being destroyed at a mind boggling rate. Do not get me started on setting companion parrots free. It is not possible. I repeat it is not possible. Not now. Maybe 40 years ago before the rape and pillage of the rain forest took a foot hold. Do you buy palm oil? Do not bring up the subject of setting companion parrots free, palm oil is one of the top 3 reasons for rain forest destruction and parrot population declines.

Let's get real. Let's get real and honest and then add a big heaping spoonful of joy. If you share your life with a companion parrot or parrots, and you bring love, empathy, joy and concern to the best of your ability to your flock. If you share your laughter, your food, your humor, your day and your dreams with your companion parrot with your flock, then it is ENOUGH. It is huge. It is good for them and for you. YOU are ENOUGH.

Focus on the reality of what reality is, not on the reality of what you wish the world was but can not ever be again. None of us get all of this right.

But the one thing you can get right every day in every way, is focusing on the good, the joy, the peace, the safety and the flock being built inside your lifestyle. It is ENOUGH. An empathetic soul driven to love can not fail their flock members. I have yet to meet one that does. Sincerity, empathy, love and respect. Those are the pillars of ENOUGH.

Focus on the right stuff. Do not doubt yourself. Do not doubt the love you bring into your flock. Do not doubt it matters. And please, for me, NEVER doubt it is enough. It is more than enough.

I am burdened by the hearts I have spoken to these past few days. Their hearts are so big, they dream of a perfect parrot life for their companions. I understand that desire. But it is a romantic desire, without reality as definition. Reality is 2015. There are far too few safe environments for companion parrots in the wild. Poaching, and deforestation is on the march. Why daydream of romantic places?

Right now YOUR home is home. YOUR heart is flock, and YOUR voice is comfort. It is ENOUGH.

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