Creating Speedbumps

When locations become a point of negotiation, there is always the use of what I like to call, speed bumps. Put an item in their flight path or landing zone that is unfamiliar. It slows them down and allows transitioning suggestions to be inserted at that moment.

Creating Speedbumps

Access and flight paths can be nudged with a little fuzzy help. (4 photos)
Some of our Parrots just refuse to give into an idea of "Access Denied". Snicker and Butters tag team breaking rules. Snickers is normally the first to cross a boundary, and if he gets away with it enough (as in I'm not scooting in quickly to engage a redirection) Butters follows suit. There are going to be points of contention. And no need to get frustrated, just remember our Parrots are smart, thinkers, and have weighed the cost of doing business and for that ONE SPOT, it's worth it to them to break a rule.

That's why I have a a few fuzzy helpers in our home. These three friendly fuzzies do a magical thing. They keep Snickers and Butters in check. No biggie, no stress. I like to call this Macaw Magnetic Fields. They just fly away, or around but never near or through.

Kinda cute, kinda simple. Absolutely no stress. It's an idea that can bring a quick resolution to a point of contention that just can't be agreed upon sometimes. After all, Parrots are thinkers and then do out think us at times.

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