Choosing to Do the Work

Companion Parrot Advocacy requires us all to get involved, synergistically.

Choosing to Do the Work

Those who choose to do the work, get to choose how the work gets done. That's my belief. I'm comfortable inside that because when someone or group steps up to do the work, they are already in the mode of seriousness and goal setting. Leaders move forward and get things done. When things are getting done, those are the people who have information to share.

I don't write alot about what I am personally doing because I'm too busy doing it. I find myself just putting in the 12 hour days 6 days or a week, and bit on Sunday. Every Monday I look back and see what was finished, what needs more attending and what new items I can add to the list of the coming week. Three years later I see 6000 man hours invested in a website, two Facebook pages, and a video channel, and 47 parrots and their flocks personally consulted and improved. I don't know how much money and inkind donations have gone out, but that doesn't matter. And of course Felix and his message. The amazing story of Felix that brings in fan mail, and gifts (yes he gets packages) and wonderful people reaching out to me personally. I love the stories told to me about how Felix touched someone's heart, or fixed a flock problem or even helped a family member understand parrots better. It's been a great three years. I haven't made a dime, but it's been the most gratifying work indeed.

That being said, those rescues and sanctuaries doing the good hard work of rescue quietly go about their's as well. They don't have time to add up the lives saved. They haven't the time to explain themselves to those questioning their work. They don't have the time to defend themselves against those sitting on the sidelines throwing barbs of judgement at their efforts. They certainly do not seem interested in making a fortune, or creating a celebrity out of all that work and sacrifice. They just do their work as the needs and emergencies arise. I just do mine as ideas and solutions present themselves to implement.

Last year I set out to make a global listing of rescues and sanctuaries. The day I made that announcement I received about a dozen messages demanding to know how I planned on vetting these places. How most are just hoarders stealing money, how I will never be able to prove myself or them. I deleted those messages. I am the one choosing to do the work. I did though, consider the "how" of proofing. What is the acid test to good rescue? Non profit status? Doubtful, I see GoFundMe campaigns asking for the money to pay for that status. If you can't afford to 501c, then how will you pay for Vetting of rescues? Is it owning a building rather than leasing? Doubtful, Leasing property makes fiscal sense sometimes. Get the contract right, and every one is secure. Is it the types of parrots rescued? No. What is that acid test then? I've decided to base it simply on two provable knowns. Vetting. Can and does the rescue in question take every bird to a vet for full care. And quarantine. Does the rescue practice proper quarantining on all incoming parrots? 

I found another issue working this idea. There are VERY few rescues/sanctuaries outside of the US and Canada. And by very few I am talking about a handful. Australia alone only has 2 certified and verifiable rescues/sanctuaries.  So, that was disappointing to realize the globe is anemic in advocacy. Rescues and Sanctuaries in the States and Canada is a Wild Wild West type of an issue. No centralized systems, no status testings or proofs, no best practices or a non profit corporate flagship. Rescue in the States is as chaotic as an aviary full of quakers. I am not saying things aren't getting done, I'm saying things are getting done the hard way and could be done a whole lot better with less stress and more success. But you have to live in the house that's built. And the state of Rescue and Sanctuary is all over the map in practice. So be it. Because right now Companion Parrots are the fastest growing, largest segment of misplaced, displaced and rehomed companion animal. We all have to get on the same page before we can all get moving in the same real direction.

There are also hundreds of individuals working in a personal sense every day for companion parrots. David, one of's authors has decided to be a leader in advocacy on his island in Greece. He is a hero to the voiceless. I know many around the globe that take this on as a private citizen. 

So back to the problem at hand. A global listing of rescues and sanctuaries on I'm one person, I've asked another to help. But it isn't working. So soon I will be offering a Submission Page on so anyone can submit the name and website/page/location of a rescue or sanctuary they know. Because I can't do this alone. By doing this via a submission page I can eliminate the judges and juries quick to pounce and proclaim their personal opinions not requested. The last two times I asked for suggestions of same on Facebook I watched the judgmental comments posted against suggestions grow and received WAY too many accusing messages against named rescues privately. I won't go through that again. By nature I am not a hateful person, but I HATE judgmental, negative, and arrogant accusations coming from people who do nothing on the ground. I'll listen to information from those involved, working, and who actually put some skin in the game. But do not come at me with angst and ugly stories while you sit at a computer, laptop, or cellphone while never doing, giving, or building on behalf of companion parrots. I will not spend precious time and brain power on any matter that doesn't end in building solutions.

There is so much work to be done for companion parrots. The work has to start with changing words used about them. The work moves to gathering those working into a list so that they can be found, and can find each other. Then the work can move to creating a centralized system to support, grow, protect and financially feed that gathering. That will be Felix's Fund via, the epoch to my obsession.

I'll be moving on to a global listing of Veterinarians and Avian specialists as well. Because gathering those that are working, is the first step in making all this work together.

You can join in, or watch from the sidelines, but you can't deny the needs. If you want to receive newsletter updates about the work available and projects being created on behalf of companion parrot advocacy please sign up for the newsletter. If you are interested in learning about ways you can help personally sign up for the newsletter. If you want to be a part of the solutions, you really want to be a part of this newsletter.

Thank you to every single person who is an Action Hero. Thank you for your time, your efforts, your money, love, attention, blood/sweat/tears, sharing and for caring. You all know who you are and you all need to know how much I appreciate and respect you.

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