Balance in your Parrot Lifestyle

Parrot care advice is only as good as your ability to utilize it inside YOUR flock. Because every lifestyle is as different as every parrot in it.

Balance in your Parrot Lifestyle

The most productive experiences I've had with people are those that involved friendly debate. We didn't agree on a subject, but agreed we were trying to get to the same end. And so we debated each others paths and our own path's viability. Good stuff comes from these conversations. Because the focus isn't on personal win/lose. The focus is on the best answer to the same question for an agreed upon important result. Again, this is good stuff!

That's why I base all my considerations and writings here on a simple idea. What's the best viewpoint to bring up to get inside a subject matter so we can all sharpen our parrot parenting skills. That's it. No more, no less. I'm not a preacher, nor am I a professional 'insert title here' that has all the answers because I'm a professional 'insert title here'. I am an advocate. I only get emotional when I find suffering that can be removed but isn't.

We will not always agree on things, that's not possible. But I do know we agree on one very important thing. You, like me, want the happiest, safest, healthiest parrots, and we want every parrot in need to have those needs met and we hope and want every parrot every where to have a happy home. I'm bringing in Advocate Writer's with different perspectives, experiences and tolerances, so that there is a wide lens experience inside I am bringing in Avian Vets and Avian Vet Techs to write as well with the same wide lens into healthcare and how you can improve you parrot's life.

I am creating avenues to locate and contact a wide lens of rescue, sanctuary, vet care, toys and supplies that meet the prime directive and offer many avenues to get there.

If anyone tells you stands on some mountain preaching absolutes about all matters of things from bells to pellets to rescue practices remember this very important point; every position I take and word I write is filtered through my prime directive: Give every parrot everywhere, a happy home. If whatever action I take doesn't make that filtering. I don't take that action. I am about balance for our parrots and that balance is weighted toward our parrots as individuals in YOUR home and lifestyle. Time, money and availability all play a part in how we care for our birds. I respect that. I live that, too. If you read anything on our Facebook Page, or on and you have a question, concern, or comment, bring it to the community at and let's talk, I'll be here for that conversation. Because we should all want to be smarter tomorrow, than we are today.

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