A Happier, Easier Parrot Lifestyle

You lifestyle isn't measured by other's lives. Measure you life by the abundant joy you create in your flock.

A Happier, Easier Parrot Lifestyle

Call me old fashioned, but I just think our companion lifestyle can be easier, less expensive and happier.

Marketing is the act of setting a consistent and redundant message through visual and verbal communication routes. Basically delivering a message over and over until that message gets stuck in your head. So next time you think you need that type of thing, you'll remember what got stuck in your head at the store. Pavlov's dog was a good example of this repetitive association.

Advertising is creating a need or problem that doesn't necessarily exist and then offering a solution, which happens to be a product or service contained inside the marketing we just discussed.

What does this have to do with companion parrots, and all companions in general? Quite a bit actually.

If you love and share your world with companions this is how you are calculated by the servicing industries:

That is how the service industries see your companions. Numbers. Regions. Percentages. Because Marketing and Advertising doesn't look at individuals or persons, they look at numbers, regions, and percentages. There is no such thing as a Focus Person. But there is such a thing as a Focus GROUP. No product or service goes to market unless there is a marketable problem to showcase their solution. And marketing and cross marketing (links to stuff) inside articles and pages, are based on whether the numbers show that effort and cost will have return on investment. And if you are reading articles that link to a half dozen things, you are reading articles written to generate income for the author and the link owner. It's business.

Get caught in that warm and fuzzy world of faux problem solving and your companion care costs and worries add up fast. Your companion care becomes more complex. DOES my dog have sore joints!?! My cat! Is his kitty litter good enough!?! My parrot needs these naturally derived toys created by indigenous peoples in Indonesia! My parrot needs kale to survive! This dark green leafy lettuce is not good enough!

I've had a number of folks email this month concerned about what they've been told, what they wish they could provide but can't afford and what some video showed them. These are consumable ideas they found or were given to them by a friend. Mind you, after we talked about their worries, they realized that every thing in their flock was fine and dandy UNTIL they found or were given that idea.

Here's how we approach our companion lifestyle; If it doesn't make us stronger, we don't do it. Period. There is a price to pay for that, and the price is not following others. I understand it feels better to be in a group of like minded and the consistent natured doing the same thing. It's a human instinct, it's a parrot instinct! It's flocking. The reality is, every single flock family is different in every single way. The humans in the room do not see life the same as the next flock. The parrots in the room look to the humans to lead. So if we are all individuals with individual needs and beliefs how can we herd? We can't, not really. Which is why I receive so many troubled calls and emails wondering why they can't "get it right", or asking if they need to change how they are feeding their companions. All of this is just not necessary. And let's say it out loud together; Life is complicated and expensive enough on a good day.

Companion Parrots are not complicated. It gets complicated when we look outside our own truth and our own flock and start worrying if we are good enough, and doing enough. I live in Florida, I am certainly not going to worry about comparing my parrot care to someone in Alaska. We have two completely different environments, that end up creating two completely different lifestyles and sets of challenges. Can reaching out and discussing and comparing these challenges offer insights? Absolutely! I promote that idea every day. BUT, judging ourselves against another's ruler is where we jump the rails.

FlockCall.com, Felix and what I offer in word and deed is as simple as I can make it. Ideas. Experiences. Examples. Stories. History. Science. Respect. I want to gather every example of all of that from every corner of the planet and bring it inside my lifestyle and my website and my writing. This isn't me telling you what you should do, it's me sharing with you, listening to your journey and story, and in my deepest hope; helping you feel confident. I'm not going to create videos that you can pay to download. I'm not going to put commercials in front of my videos on my YouTube Channel. I am not going to charge anyone to talk to them about their concerns. I am NOT going to commercialize edification and knowledge. I won't. I can't. I abhor the commodification of our companion parrots. And I worry about parrot parents thinking they have to spend money on getting information or help, when they could invest that in vet visits and healthy foods. We named our site, my system and this work FlockCall for a reason. Because flock members look out for each other, not themselves. Flocks are synergistic groups requiring each individual to hold each other up in care and concern.

We can create our successful companion parrot lifestyle simply by helping each other kindly. We can gather with generous hearts and simply realize that we are enough. We are truly, simply, enough. And together we can give every parrot everywhere, a happy home.

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