A Companion's True Value

Change the value system, and we will change their world.

A Companion's True Value

Over the past few days I've received dozens of messages containing the photo of two macaws in a cage with cedar chips at the bottom. We'll set aside the fact that statement alone is enough to start a advocacy conversation. What starts an advocacy brush fire is the fact that these two parrots were pawned for money or a loan. And they have a price on their heads. 

Again, set aside the afront of that final statement and consider this question; Why would a pawn shop consider parrots objects of collateral? Answer; Because we as a society already set the prices.

The core issue, the first cancerous cell in all that is wrong for companion parrots is that answer. Set aside the symptons of breeding for color, breeding for mass distribution, backyard breeding for side incomes, big box pet stores and breeding mills, shipping birds via planes like parcels, poaching, profiteering, hoarding, and all the variations of companion parrot problems. You don't fix a disease by treating symptoms. You just make the patient more comfortable while they suffer, and die. I do not believe Companion Parrot Advocacy should be treated like hospice care. 

We aren't here to make the patient feel better by treating symptoms only. Passive advocacy is a self serving act without follow through with meaningful personal action. Yes, all symtomatic issues need to be addressed, but with NEW ideas and creative processes that ALL point to the final goal. Ending the definition of what a parrot is with a currency amount. Companion Parrots are COMPANIONS, they too want happiness, companionship and to live peacefully in their own right.

They do NOT want to be pawned off for something as meager and unworthy as money. They do not want to be bred like machines to feed a misinformed, throw away society inside pet stores, to feed bottom lines of corporations and their stock holders who will never have to take responsiblity for their ignorance.

They do not want to be stored, collected, observed, Phycologically experimented with, tossed aside (when they are the wrong color), seperated from their flock, displayed, ignored, or seen as collateral in any fashion. 

Their size is irrelevant. There heart and intellect is proof they are no less than any other companion. Would this store have taken in dogs as collateral? Will the pawn business model bring in cats and dogs and rabbits and cattle and chickens and ducks and all else of companion mindset? Or was this just one of those, parrot moments where two macaws were looked upon and one guy says, "Wow those birds are expensive! They are worth alot of money. I bet that cage could get us a couple hundred." The parrot owner just wants to cash out of a problem or two. They agree on a currency value, they write out a receipt contract. The Owner signs the reliquishment of property and rights for agreed upon amount. And these two beautiful and cognitive creatures are lost inside the system. Scared. Confused. Sad. 

Here's the thing we have to focus on for real change, the kind that attacks the disease, not just the symptoms. Adovacacy starts with our words every day reflecting the truth of who and what companion parrots and companion parrot lifestyle is sincerely. It is our words spoken to many that starts the real change. It is what we share online (or refrain from sharing), what we write and say that forces others to see the reality we all embrace. I sing to the choir here. I am asking the choir to start sharing posts more. If I have 40 people like a post, and only 4 share, where is the advocacy on your part? I am asking you to use knowledge in your advocacy. Share real knowledge. Speak out, plant seeds of doubt, shed light on things that are wrong. It is not about starting emotional arguments. It is about simply stating truths. It is about stepping into a situation and shedding light on a dark ignorance. I can not do this alone. I can not address every symptom when FlockCall Advocacy is addressing the disease. Yes I want to see these Companions ransom rescued immediately. And I will breath a sigh of relief and joy when this happens.

There are thousands more cases underway all over the world as awful or worse than these pawned parrots. And each example is based on the belief that a Companion's only value is held in currency. Not in their hearts or companionship. 

What am I working on for 2016 through FlockCall? Legal Advocacy, Local Advocacy, Local projects we're calling Avian Ascension. Certifications. Global private rescue missions. Zoological partnerships. Me, writing, alot. Online resources for downloading to use in YOUR advocacy. I am creating systems, blueprints if you will, that anyone can use, follow and succeed with in local situations. These are going to be powerful tools, that make change work and workable for every one. 

FlockCall is not another acronym organization claiming to save animals. FlockCall is individuals working together with sincerity toward one prime directive. Help give every parrot everywhere, a happy home. 

We can not continue to do the same thing we've been doing all these years and expect things to change. Obviously. It's 2015 and their are two majestic macaws stuck in a cage with cedar chips as collateral in a Pawn Shop right now! IF this isn't a sign that the status quo in parrot rescue, education and sanctuary isn't working, I do not know what else could be a stronger message.

It is time to really changes things. I'm rather over the status quo. 

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