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My blog posts are anecdotal experiences inside my flock lifestyle. You'll also find facts and proven theories being applied inside my personal Companion Parrot Lifestyle in our home. I hope you'll feel welcomed and interested to share your experiences and thoughts on the subjects you read here. All my writings edify and expand the content you will find in my books.  Join in the conversation in the comments! Share your experiences, your results and your stories. None of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Welcome! I hope you'll find new ideas, thoughts and insights with me. Feel free to add your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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Snowy Owl Emporium

Small Business is a big deal. Small business owners who love companion animals, support the work of same, and offer handcrafted art are a bigger deal. Snowy Owl Emporium is the exclusive seller of Felix Greets!, A growing full line of greeting cards featuring Felix.

Dear Felix Diary Thingy

The 2020 companion (get it? companion ...) book to Felix's 2019 Directions for the Confused. With Directions and Dear you're sure to beat the confused. Or laugh so much as to forget you are, which is winning with Felix!

Musings of the Day; Volume 4

Volume 4 of musings introduces a pandemic, new friends, expected hilarity, new ideas, and two very hard goodbyes. The entire way we'll celebrate the valuable things together. And laugh. Did I mention the laughing part?

An Itch to Scratch

Companion animal rescue and adoption. A nobility in saving a life. A constant itch to scratch. Because who doesn't love finding a heart ready for rescuing!

Showing 1–6 of 268 results.