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My blog posts are anecdotal experiences inside my flock lifestyle. You'll also find facts and proven theories being applied inside my personal Companion Parrot Lifestyle in our home. I hope you'll feel welcomed and interested to share your experiences and thoughts on the subjects you read here. All my writings edify and expand the content you will find in my books.  Join in the conversation in the comments! Share your experiences, your results and your stories. None of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Welcome! I hope you'll find new ideas, thoughts and insights with me. Feel free to add your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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Think Like a Parrot

The transcript of my afternoon session at the NPR Parrot Festival, Houston ,TX 1/27/2018. Making it easier to communicate and understand your parrot starts with thinking like a parrot.

Biting isn't aggression

Parrots will be parrots, first. It's unreasonable to expect them not to bite, or attempt to bite. It is a form of communication. Snickers communicated with extreme prejudice, but for a very good parrot reason.

Essential Oils aren't essential

Diffusing and essential oils have entered the companion animal arena with great success for some, and a sad end for others. The thing about diffusing essential oils is; it isn't essential. But it does require essential understanding.

A parrot in a submarine

Sounds our companions make mean so much more than just that sound. They tell us stories, they tell us their mood and sometimes they are just in their submarine.

Great North American Popcorn

Having a flock means living with your companions, not just having companions. To them all things are a team effort. Including popping popcorn for ducks. For Kirby, this is his calling.

Showing 1–6 of 243 results.