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My blog posts are anecdotal experiences inside my flock lifestyle. You'll also find facts and proven theories being applied inside my personal Companion Parrot Lifestyle in our home. I hope you'll feel welcomed and interested to share your experiences and thoughts on the subjects you read here. All my writings edify and expand the content you will find in my books.  Join in the conversation in the comments! Share your experiences, your results and your stories. None of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Welcome! I hope you'll find new ideas, thoughts and insights with me. Feel free to add your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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Size doesn't matter

There is no such thing as a starter parrot. There is such a thing as a starter human. The biggest of personalities are sometimes found in the smaller of parrots. Don't be surprised if your little thinks he's a big.

Elaine and Kamala's Flock Story

Sometimes, in our advocacy, we won't know where the ripples of our words and actions go. Sometimes to us, we've done very little. But, to the person receiving that light touch of our ripple, it is a Tsunami of comfort. This is Elaine and Kamala's story. But this is also a story of small ripples sent out by advocates, including myself, that comforted and guided them both to a very successful flock story. Elaine wanted to share her story, so other's can find their own strength. I hope you enjoy her ripples here.

This is Matt's Advocacy

The story of Matt's personal companion parrot advocacy. I hope you'll take the time to read each advocacy story I publish. I hope you find inspiration for your own advocacy, and I hope you'll share your own with the world.

A Helping Wing Rescue

A Helping Wing Parrot Rescue is a FlockCall Rescue Partner.

Together is Helping Wing's core drive. Jeanne and John Gilligan are two of the hardest working rescuers I've met to date, and they have created an amazing rescue operation in the hills of New Jersey. I was lucky enough to spend the day with them and their charges and their crew. Humor, hard work and a passion for what's best for the companion parrot in need is their amazing story.

Showing 1–6 of 233 results.