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My blog posts are anecdotal experiences inside my flock lifestyle. You'll also find facts and proven theories being applied inside my personal Companion Parrot Lifestyle in our home. I hope you'll feel welcomed and interested to share your experiences and thoughts on the subjects you read here. All my writings edify and expand the content you will find in my books.  Join in the conversation in the comments! Share your experiences, your results and your stories. None of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Welcome! I hope you'll find new ideas, thoughts and insights with me. Feel free to add your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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Expectation editing

Unreasonable expectations. A good habit that leads to bad outcomes, both for those expecting and those expected to deliver whatever that unreasonable expectation involves.

Spring into it

Seasons in Florida are gradient. Smeared between the intents of nature, there's a short shallow moment of change. Spring offers the brightest switch on the gradient scale. A switch that sounds like kazoos and crows.


Priorities in the time of firsts. I'm not the first to find little interest in spectator sports. Angus isn't the first to find all the interest in a squirrel.

Showing 1–6 of 283 results.