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My blog posts are anecdotal experiences inside my flock lifestyle. You'll also find facts and proven theories being applied inside my personal Companion Parrot Lifestyle in our home. I hope you'll feel welcomed and interested to share your experiences and thoughts on the subjects you read here. All my writings edify and expand the content you will find in my books.  Join in the conversation in the comments! Share your experiences, your results and your stories. None of us know everything, but all of us know something.

Welcome! I hope you'll find new ideas, thoughts and insights with me. Feel free to add your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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High Ceilings

This is a child’s journey offered to you as a muse. An affirmation. An awareness. A hope. A rope. A relatable tale I hope will find itself on your keep list. My childhood journey was hilarious. Some of which are funnier through the eyes of an adult. We will laugh together here.

Pause your thoughts

No matter what you're worried about for yourself and your companions (any species including spouse), you have all the power to make it through and make it a little easier. Pause your mind.

Diva syndrome

Every bird has their own personality, their own ways. Behavior training can at times be manipulation against their brain grain. We go with the flow here, so that they all flow stress free.

Life flies, too

Standing quietly in the center of a moment reveals all the gears spinning. Some grind against the next. Others slip into each as mated pair. So many little sparks. Careful, you could miss your Firestarter.

Showing 1–6 of 304 results.