Starting a Rescue

Build the foundation for a your successful rescue work.

Starting a Rescue

I regularly have people contact me for advice on how to go about rescuing, or even starting their own rescue. It is one of the most wonderful requests I receive, because the more people get involved in rescue,the better the future for captive parrots looks. I encourage involvement wholeheartedly, and offer up these two thoughts as basic absolutes you'll need to understand and apply without fail.

Money management and controls. Make sure there are enough funds, time and help to care for rescues birds, and set your limits as to the number of parrots you can take in.  It's far too easy to get in over your head without these two controls in place.

Have thick skin – and if you don’t have it, you’ll have to learn. It’s a bit sad, really. People will do and say things that can be downright mean. Remember your goals, and let your thick skin protect you from the naysayers.

In a way, parrot rescue can be related to parenting; most people think that their way of running things is the right way, and it’s their way or the highway. And when a large group of passionate people comes together online, or in a meeting things can quickly spiral out of control due to varied opinions. Judgment runs high in the parrot rescue world, on every level. But don’t get me wrong; there are some good reasons behind that passionate judgement such as animal flippers and scammers. Apply that thick skin and do what makes you and your rescue stronger. I’ve been shot down, I’ve felt discouraged, I have even had short moments of wanting to give up, and it was not because of the birds; it’s the birds who need my help that keep me going. I know what I am doing is right. No one is perfect, we all learn new things daily, as long as your heart is in the right place and you are saving and enriching lives of both the parrots and the parents adopting, all you need to worry about is to just keep doing what you know is right. Keep calm and rescue on!

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