Parrots are not Pets

Cockatoos are difficult to place in proper homes, and are most often given up because their current family can not give them everything they need emotionally.

Parrots are not Pets

It’s common practice for someone to get a bird, and leave it in its cage for most of the day. After all, the majority of Americans have full time jobs to support themselves and their family. In the wild, parrots travel with their flocks for their entire lives. They are never alone. Creating a happy and healthy home for a companion parrot is challenging, and rewarding. 

As a lifelong companion they need to truly be a part of a family – a part of a flock. You can give your bird the best diet, the biggest cage and an abundance of toys, but without an emotional flock connection, a parrot will show signs of stress, some severe.

This is yet another reason why rescues are filling rapidly; relinquishing parents simply didn't realize everything their bird would need, and need to give. The experience of actually having a companion parrot in your home is something that all the research in the world can’t fully prepare you for. It is a special and unique relationship between a person and a companion parrot.   Dig deep into other's experiences and stories of their birds to reveal all the truths of the joys and challenges of a companion parrot.  And after doing that, be prepared for your companion to create a personal and very unique relationship with you, for a lifetime. 

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