Parrot Toys are Important

A busy thinking companion parrot is a healthy happy parrot indeed.

Parrot Toys are Important

Toys for your parrot are not an option but are mandatory.  The toys you provide for you parrot serve many purposes. They serve as a form of play for bird which is the most obvious function for them. They also serve as a way for your bird to keep his beak in good shape. They also provide exercise for your bird and mental stimulation as well. By now you are beginning to see why toys are mandatory for your bird.

Toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors, texture and mediums. There are wood toys for chewing and destruction. The wood also comes in different shapes and sizes as well as hard wood versus softer wood. Your bird appreciates having wood to chew and destroy but they also like hard woods like dragon wood that is not so destructible and helps to keep their beak in optimal condition.  Having well shaped and conditioned beaks is very important to your friend! They use their beak to eat, drink, forage, preen, play and defend themselves as well as for climbing.

Acrylic toys cost a bit more but last longer than wood. They provide your bird with a smooth, hard surface versus the softer surface of wood that is usually less smooth. There are actually toys on the market that are “bullet proof”. While acrylic toys are a great addition to your birds toy collection, they should never be the only toys in your bird’s cage. I understand the desire to purchase a toy that will last, but face it, we buy their toys for them to destruct and play with.

Foraging toys can be made from many different materials and provide to simulate your birds natural instinct to forage for food. They also provide mental stimulation to keep your bird busy and happy. There are foraging toys that are also classified as “puzzles” these have slots, drawers and doors that your friend must learn to open in order to receive a special treat such as a nut. These are generally constructed of acrylic or hard plastic. Other foraging toys are made of natural fibers such a loofah, dried grasses, grape vine and coconut for example. These toys help to simulate materials your bird may encounter on the wild while foraging for food. A simple and inexpensive foraging toy you can make at home is a small gift box stuffed with shredded tissue paper and a nut hidden inside.

Climbing ropes are another popular toy for your bird. They are soft and flexible providing your bird with the opportunity to practice/improve balance, climbing and exercise of the feet and cardiovascular system.

I have only touched on the topic of toys and different kinds of toys but it is clear that they provide far more than just play for your bird. Birds who exercise, forage, climb, chew and use their brain to solve puzzles tend to be happy and healthy birds! Facebook has an excellent group called The Parrot’s Workshop. It is a group of bird people who share ideas for making DIY bird toys. You can find a list of safe woods, plants and materials for your DIY project HERE on

Parrot Outreach Society

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