Parrot Breeder to Parrot Rescuer

Change inside peer pressure is hard. The rewards may be hard for those peers to understand, until they change.

Parrot Breeder to Parrot Rescuer

Sometimes it is easy to over look the little important things while one busies themselves with the day to day work of running a Rescue.  It's so very easy to allow it all to become a job rather then a passion.  As I worked away at cleaning cages, feeding and watering the flock it suddenly dawned on me, the real reason I decided to end all breeding and open my heart, and home to displaced Companion Parrots.It was not a chance decision, but a life style choice I am grateful everyday I made.

While chatting earlier today with a breeder, and former colleague the conversation came to the purpose for what each of us do, what we do.. My friend had clear plans, but they lack the depth of heart, the inner conviction I have heard from so many others involved with rescuing. His hopes were for new colors, healthy babies, but lacked the thrill I feel every time I relate that very first rescue who arrived, the first and the second Companions to leave with their new forever Parronts.  I listened quietly then began to explain where my heart and passion are today, as a rescuer. He listened as I told of  the work I love to do to keep each one clean, healthy, and happy, how I screen potential adoptees, and the excitement I have as they meet for the very first time.

My breeder friend laughed as I finished my lengthy explanation and asked me if I regret giving up breeding and beginning to rescue Companion Parrots?  He asked if I ever want to return?  I answered him as honestly as I could. There is no part of my heart that would ever allow me to return to breeding. I can not recall the very first baby I ever placed into a new home, but I would never forget each Companion Parrot I placed in their adopted homes.

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