Manos the Blue and Gold Macaw in Need

Empathy crosses borders and language barriers. But only if we all want to speak from the heart.

Manos the Blue and Gold Macaw in Need

As an example of what I hope we can help remedy, this is Manos. As you can probably guess from the photos, the man had/has no understanding of parrot care. Taking an immediate interest in trying to help better Manos' situation, I took a few toys, some pellets and a few tree nuts over to the man, and tried to educate him a little about parrot needs. My Greek is poor, and his English non-existent, but I believe he understood the gist of things. The problem was not in the communication, but rather in the caring; he just didn't really seem to care about the things I was telling him. Nevermind the obviously too small cage. Nevermind the absence of toys or chew possibilities. And forget about the all seed diet. The problem here, is that the man is an animal hoarder (he has various species of animals kept under inadequate conditions) and really doesn't care about proper care; that was quickly apparent.

While it is not always the problem, too often it is the case that people just don't care. And in the case of my location, there is no authority who would remove an animal from a situation of improper treatment, and if there were such, I would worry the outcome of that as well. After a few trips to visit Manos, and trying to find some way to get the man to care enough to treat him well, I had to remove myself from the situation. I am sorry to say I could not tolerate the man's indifference to Manos' plight, and I had to try and put it behind me. I was certain that the only way possible to help Manos was to somehow take him from the situation; but that just wasn't possible for many reasons. And so I had to stop going.

This past Sunday, I made another stop to see how Manos was, and was dismayed to find his situation the same, only worse. It seemed his cage had not been cleaned in at least several months, and the stand alone laundry-room where it is being kept smelled horrible, and the small chicken hatchlings kept in the room with him undoubtedly made it all worse. Still no toys, and no evidence of any ever existing. Sunflower shells everywhere. And Manos' feathers were in poor repair. Still he managed to dance for me, stuck in that prison cage; it made me think of a man telling jokes on the way to the gallows.
I am trying to work out in my mind a schedule where I can go and see Manos several times a week, and try to improve his situation a little. I am thinking to talk to the man, and offer up my services to improve his diet, clean his cage, and perhaps train him a little. I am not sure how to work it out yet (I have my own small zoo that must not be neglected, and schedule differences may interfere as well), but I will try to do something.

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