From Parrot Breeder to Parrot Advocate

One very personal story of change.

From Parrot Breeder to Parrot Advocate

There is an unspeakable satisfaction and deep personal feeling of accomplishment when a one time breeder makes the life changing decision to retire from the production of Companion Parrots, and picks up the banner as Companion Parrot Advocate. Some have scoffed at the very mention of the possibility that a long time breeder could become an active member of the Rescue Community. I know from fact it is not only possible but happening more often then many may realize.

The majority of companion Parrot breeders are hobbyists with a few pairs of Parrots. Their devotion to them as pets first often makes a open opportunity to reach them with the reality of the companion Parrot crisis. Raising what they feel as family companions, oblivious to the fate of many ending in a rescue or worse. Their motivation is good, their lack of long-term insight being the primary problem. Education is the essence of success in reaching them with the truth. 

The long term large operation breeders have a monetary connection to the Companion Parrot world. Contrary to generalized opinions many are not "in it for the money" but do in fact truly love and appreciate the Parrots they have and those they produce. They have a storehouse of knowledge and insight into Parrot husbandry, behavior and medical provocativeness because of their daily hands on contact with the birds in their care. Reaching these individuals with the truth, educating them in a non-threatening manner can open their eyes to the whole-picture of the Companion Parrot world. The norm of active attack on breeders causes many to resolve to continue who might otherwise been reached and persuaded to change directives into becoming active members of the Parrot Advocacy.

The former breeders who have picked up the cause for Companion Parrots can all relate to that day when they finally realized there was a need and urgency to help rescue Parrots in need . The satisfaction they glean from their deeply committed devotion to help is unspeakable. The day their first Companion Parrot leaves for it's new forever home equals the birth of their first child in memorization.

Companion Parrot Advocacy is a journey started by one individual with the dream to help Parrots in need. One person can do much, but the more individuals involved the greater the impact will be. As Advocates we need to reach out to education breeders, and help them to take up the cause rather then viciously attack them. Often it is a simple matter of lack of in depth thought on the future of those babies they raised.  It is up to each of us to enlighten the world one person at a time.

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