A Patagonian Parrot Adoption

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A Patagonian Parrot Adoption

In the vast world of the Internet you can find endless sources of information: some false, some true, and some positive, but many issues are saddening -- especially in the parrot rescue world. There is far too much negativity being spread, and it can become disheartening. In my article series, Silver Linings, I strive to find the positive hidden in all of the negative by telling stories of rescue and recognizing the kind-hearted people that open their arms, hearts and homes to make parrot’s lives the best that they can possibly be.

On December 6, 2014, Beakers the Patagonian Conure’s life started down a road towards true happiness. On this date, Matt Governale was shopping at a local parrot food and toy sale when he met a lady who runs arescue. On his way out of the store before checking out, Matt responded to a two-year-old fat and healthy Patagonian’s silly dog bark by stopping for a chat and some head scratches.

When Matt arrived home, there was a message on his phone from the lady at the rescue that read; “I heard you may have interest in a rescue conure, I have a female 16 year old that needs a home, would you like to meet her?” A home visit was immediately set up.

Beakers was an unsteady, unsure and plucked little bird when she first met Matt, and on their first meeting, Matt spent the afternoon holding her under his chin. “Within a couple of hours she was pressing her soft green head against me so hard that I knew where she wanted to be,” Matt said. With tears in his eyes and his voice breaking, he told the rescuer, “I think she found her home.”

They fed her some food while they discussed the adoption and moved a few things around in the house to accommodate her. Beakers stayed the night and never looked back.

True love, or birdie soul mates, come in all shapes, sizes and conditions, and that feeling can hit you when you least expect it, and this story is proof. “I know there are many stories out there, but when it happens right before my eyes, it's very real,” Matt said.

Within six months, Beakers molted all of her damaged feathers and has re-grown all of her primary flight feathers. “She flies around like an F-18,” Matt exclaimed. Today she is an active chatterbox who is affectionate, hesitant, beautiful and absolutely ridiculous – in a good way. Sometimes a positive, encouraging and understanding environment is all that parrots need to recuperate from their past experiences.

“I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I know exactly what she needs. In return she is lovely and perfect in my eyes, and I am fortunate to be by her side to see her flourish.” You never know who might choose you and how your life will change when you develop the soul mate-like bond with a parrot. Visit your local rescue’s regularly and you might be as lucky as Matt, all the while giving a bird much needed love and a wonderful home.

Patagonian Conure Rescue

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