A Good Reason for Giving to Rescue

Every little bit makes every bit the difference.

A Good Reason for Giving to Rescue

When one begins their journey into Parrot Rescue, there are many unforeseen challenges that we face. It becomes important to offer those in your care the very best of everything possible. I have found this reality very true in the recent months.

Sweetie, is a young, just turned 2 years old, Blue Fronted Amazon who arrived at my rescue after sustaining a severe break in her leg. I saw the ad posted in the on-line advertisements while searching the site as often I do. Her former owner was selling her to someone willing to pay for the expensive corrective surgery. In my heart I knew no one would respond kindly to the ad so felt the need to offer to take the young Parrot and have her cared for by a Veterinarian. Two weeks after her fall which resulted in the break, Sweetie arrived at our door, very ill, in pain and afraid.

Within days Sweetie had underwent surgery with my Veterinarian to amputate the now infected limb, and was well on her way to returning to health. Returning home to the rescue with pain killers and antibiotics to fight the bacteria infection. Recovery went well, and soon she was back to her old playful self, but she needed to learn to balance, climb and manage on one leg. She often fell, so was housed in a small cage to prevent any further injuries. Over time, she adapted, and was finally ready for a new, larger cage more suited to a playful Amazon. The problem was we had no cage to give her, and this fact bothered me every time I watched her moving about in her now too small cage.

Zeena, a mature Blue and Gold  Macaw came to live at our Rescue after we received a phone call the day before Easter. The message was short and to the point. "If we wanted her, we better get there to pick her up. She was too much work, aggressive and we need her gone."  Within hours we had driven the 150 miles to pick up a beautiful adult Macaw and her very old, well used cage and were heading back to our Rescue in Napanee, Ontario. Zeena had suffered a lot of stress in her former home, over-run in large, aggressive dogs who often circled her cage barking and growling at her. She was feared, so forced to be caged 24/7 for many years. Zeena shook when anyone even glanced her way. She was most happy to be in her cage, which we supplied with toys, that she had never had before.

Zeena has come a long way since arriving into our care, she is less nervous of strangers, and enjoys being out of her cage on her play stand. When I look at her, I smile thinking of how fearful she once was, and how far she's already come. Her cage, no longer her prison has begun to deteriorate at a fast rate; paint chipping off the bars and rusted metal showing up everywhere. The tray, which had been left covered with feces and rotting food in the past has now begun to break apart, leaving dangerous holes and rusted metal exposed.

It is painful to see her housed in her old rusted cage. Chipped paint, rusted bars are a great and real danger to her life. The paint and bare metal can contain zinc,lead or other dangerous materials that posse a very real danger to her health from heavy metal poisoning as well as the risk of blockages or perforations to her GI tract if she injects any paint chips or breaks weakened metal barring and swallows them.

Individuals often ask why we have the need to fund raise, and ask donations towards purchasing items such as cages. The answer is very simple. As a non-profit rescue we need funding from supporters to allow us to continue to have our doors open to Companion Parrots in need. Donations help us pay for Veterinarian care for all the Parrots in the Rescue, the top quality foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and birdie treats they receive, and as needed suitable, safe, healthy cages that do not pose a safety and health risk to the Parrot living in it.

We always welcome defined or undefined donations. Just click HERE.

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