A Global Advocacy Perspective

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A Global Advocacy Perspective

As I flew around on FB today I stopped to admire several beautiful Parrots. Their feathers are perfect, their eyes bright but what had captured my eye was the chains attached to the steel rings on their legs used to "control" them and contain them to their stands.

Although I find them personally cruel and offensive something brought forward from the past when Companion Parrots were thought of as material possessions, something to own and admire. One must consider the culture in which these leg chains ares till in use. Most are third world countries where global advocacy and social media are just beginning to make in roads. The culture views these chains as a means to an end: controlling their Parrots.

World wide Companion Parrot Advocacy is stepping into the fore front in education, enrichment and hopefully will begin to see a gradual change in attitudes towards Companion Parrots in general internationally. When people view these Parrots in a new, enlightened way, the chains will go, being replaced by positive re-enforcement and a new attitude of acceptance of Parrots as companions NOT things to be controlled, to be owned as a economic symbol or a warped ego trip.

We must look at the broader picture before passing uneducated comments. It was not that many years ago that I saw these self-same chains on Parrots tethered to t-stands day and night. Through education, we have evolved to have a far greater understanding of care, husbandry and health care that is necessary to keep our Companions happy, and our bond with them strong and moving forward.

Rather then casting stones at those who know no better, step forward to help spread the word about Companion Parrot Advocacy, proper motivational training based on understanding the Parrots instincts, needs and intelligence. The only way these chains will be removed is when people who know share their knowledge lovingly with those who don't.

Just some food for thought!

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