About FlockCall

FlockCall.com is a constantly expanding library collection of first hand accounts and experiences written by parrot advocates and myself.  Here you will find experiences, ideas and stories that can edify and support your goal of creating a Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle™.  

My blog will support and present the latest of my writings concerning the human condition inside your Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle™. Parrots are not pets. We aren't choosing a pet to keep but rather a companion to build a relationship.  Inside this truth lies all the instruction we need to build our own happy and healthy flock. 

Musings offer relatable tails and tales involving all the companions gathered here. Animals and their interplay within our human condition. We can learn more than we can teach to a companion, wild or domestic.

You'll find also find quick access to my latest books and booklets for purchase and digital download.

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I started FlockCall.com and Felix years ago for the simple goal to bring ease, humor and excellent friendly help to every person searching for ways to Create a Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle™, but I can't do this alone. I hope you'll join me, because together we truly can give every parrot every where, a happy home.

I'm glad you heard my flock call. ;)

Kathy LaFollett

Reciprocity Productions LLC
Companion Parrot Advocate™, Author, Speaker, Humorist
Together, we can give every parrot, everywhere, a happy home.